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April 2024
Industry Insights: Current market drivers and the future of e-mobility development
Rapidly evolving electric vehicle technology is pushing the lubricant industry to develop new chemistries more quickly than ever.

March 2024
Researchers are learning more about how they form and the benefits across multiple applications.

February 2024
Industry Insights: New horizons for aerospace tribology
An in-depth study of lessons learned creates a fresh start for tribology engineering design.

January 2024
20 Minutes With Philip Egberts
This professor at the University of Calgary discusses nanoparticle enhanced lubricants and nanotribology.

December 2023
Industry Insights: Ester-based fluids for electric vehicles
There are many requirements, challenges and advantages related to immersion cooling.

November 2023
Industry Insights: Oil analysis limitations
Comparing lab test results can be like comparing apples to oranges unless you understand what the results are telling—and not telling—you.

October 2023
Industry Insights: Six varnish myth busters
Persistent misinformation can sabotage efforts to prevent varnish.

September 2023
Industry Insights: Artificial intelligence for 2D lubricant additives
Computational approaches help tribologists explore the periodic table for novel material compositions and ramp up real-world production of the most promising candidates.

August 2023
Industry Insights: Tribology and sustainability: How you can integrate them into your plant reliability program
A world-class lubrication reliability program can improve equipment uptime and provide cost savings while improving the sustainability of a site.

July 2023
Feature: The future of space tribology
Current trends in space commerce, beyond exploration, are creating new drivers for advanced lubricants with potentially new formulations that satisfy highly specialized requirements.

June 2023
20 Minutes With Gord Susinski
This senior technical services advisor for Petro-Canada Lubricants discusses mining, training and how he got into the industry.

May 2023
Industry Insights: How to pick the right surfactant for the job
There are many variables to consider, including the cleaning process and potential contaminants.

April 2023
Detergents: The changing face of detergent chemistry
Satisfying new health, safety and environmental regulations while maintaining clean surfaces will be key.

March 2023
Industry Insights: Simulation of noise and vibration of systems with real rolling bearings
A new tool helps with rating life calculations and is very useful for design and selection of bearings.

February 2023
20 Minutes With Khalid Malik
This mechanical engineer with Ontario Power Generation discusses turbine oils and how he evolved in the industry.

January 2023
Industry Insights: Keys to implementing a successful in-service grease analysis program
Grease monitoring is more complicated than oil monitoring, but the payoffs can be significant.

December 2022
20 Minutes With Tom Oleksiak
This senior manager at Quaker Houghton discusses aluminum hot rolling and how he got into the lubricants industry.

November 2022
Industry Insights: Atomistic understanding of grease tribolayers on bearing surfaces
Grease tribolayers form between steel interfaces to provide friction and wear properties at an atomistic level.

October 2022
Tribotesting: Tribological testing and study at different scales
Atomic level study could help solve macroscale problems.

September 2022
20 Minutes With Dr. Rai Singh Notay
This tribology research engineer for The Lubrizol Corp. discusses his career in academia and the lubricants industry.

August 2022
Industry Insights: Wind turbine lubrication challenges
White etching crack formation in wind turbine bearings can be related to electrical current, lubricant chemistry and steel cleanliness.

July 2022
Industry Insights: Environmentally acceptable lubricants
While advancing on sustainable goals, the industry is facing challenges.

June 2022
Feature: Nanolubricants come of age
Researchers are continually leveraging properties to uncover best-fit applications for these game-changing formulations.

May 2022
Industry Insights: Biotribology: Current directions and challenges
Understanding biotribological systems as they operate in the real world—under normal or abnormal conditions—is a complex, interdisciplinary challenge.

April 2022
Industry Insights: Raw material shortages and the effect on formulating new products
Lingering supply chain issues call for a multifaceted overhaul of single-sourced, just-in-time purchasing strategies.

March 2022
20 Minutes With Markus Grebe
This laboratory manager and head of industrial research at the Competence Center for Tribology at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences discusses his career in tribology.

February 2022
20 Minutes With Bridget Dubbert
This technical director for Engineered Lubricants discusses her career in the lubrication and metalworking industry.

January 2022
Industry Insights: Electric vehicle fluids: Requirements and testing
As these fluids are gaining popularity, there are many questions to answer for future optimization.