STLE Learning Pathways

STLE Learning Pathways provide a roadmap to the knowledge needed by the technically competent Lubrication Specialist or Oil Analyst and is useful as you prepare for CLS and OMA certifications.

This body of knowledge includes extensive peer-reviewed reference materials filtered by relevant key subject areas(Priority Groups) and then further divided into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced competency levels for better use as a self-study or reference guide.

  • Basic: covers information required to develop a basic understanding of the key subject area.
  • Intermediate: covers information typically required to be competent in the key subject area.
  • Advanced:  covers more information than typically required for a Lubrication Specialist or Oil Analyst (covered in the certification exam), but are useful for job-specific requirements and responsibilities.
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Although the Lubrication Specialist and Oil Analyst Learning Pathways are extensive in listing the various resources available for each of the key subject areas, it does not mean that each reference is necessary to your knowledge base.
We hope that you find this valuable resource to be beneficial in upgrading your technical knowledge, advancing your career and to help you better serve your employers and customers.

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