Technical Resources and Publications

STLE provides up to date technical and scientific information covering the latest news, topics and research in the fields of tribology and lubrication engineering in the most convenient formats for our members. Our offerings include:

  • Tribology & Lubrication Technology (TLT) is STLE’s official monthly magazine (available in print and digital editions) feature articles, best practice analyses, industry surveys, interviews and other technical resources.

    • TLT Archives provides individuals web access to previous articles dating back to 2009. Quickly find articles using the keyword search on or find articles through popular search engines like Google or Yahoo. 

    • The Digital TLT is an exact replica of the print edition but can be accessed on your computer, tablet or phone. It provides web access to each issue dating back to 2009. View the Digital TLT by page view or contents view, which is more mobile friendly.

  • Tribology Transactions features scientific and technical papers in the field of tribology, which includes friction, wear, lubrication, and the materials involved in relative motion. STLE members have full online access and can search the complete archives of thousands of technical articles.
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  • Tribology Letters is devoted to the development of the science of tribology and its applications. It facilitates communication and exchange of seminal ideas among thousands of practitioners who are engaged worldwide in the pursuit of tribology-based science and technology. STLE members have full online access and can search the complete archives. Sign in for full Members Access.

  • Tribology Online STLE members have full online access to high-quality papers that includes all aspects of tribology and other science and engineering areas that relate to the subjects of tribology.

  • CRC Press Books provide the latest and best collection of technical information available to our members and the industry as a whole. STLE members are offered special discounts on books and other publications. STLE members receive special discounts.