Professional recognition and continuing professional development are vital to achieving your career potential. STLE can help you to plan and record your professional development, achievements and gain recognition in the tribology and lubrication engineering business sector. If you are currently a student, you can apply for STLE scholarships, fellowships, present your research at industry conferences and meet with mentors in the field. Volunteer on one of our committees, councils or participate in local section activities to make the most of your STLE membership.

Leadership Opportunities
Begin your career by participating in Student Poster presentations at the STLE Annual Meeting. Continue on by attending education courses, webinars and technical presentations. Make your presence known by volunteering on committees, councils and industry forums. Present at the Commercial Marketing Forum. This and more can bring you to the top of your field and gain you the professional recognition that you deserve.

STLE Certifications
The value of STLE certification has been proven in the marketplace with increased income and immediate respect and credibility with buyers and peers. STLE offers four certifications that are renewable every three years. These certifications are designed to be consistent with the standards of The Institute for Credentialing Excellence, ISO 17024, and also distinguish you as a credible industry expert.


Scholarships & Fellowship Awards
STLE provides scholarships and fellowship awards through its local sections and the Presidential Council, who award thousands of dollars each year to students interested in pursing a career in the field of tribology and lubrication engineering. The society also host STEM programs for high school students at our annual meeting.