Local Scholarship Awards

STLE Local Section Scholarships

STLE has established a $15,000/year Section Scholarship Matching Fund.  STLE local sections expressed the need for this type of partnership program to enable STLE to support students with an interest in engineering, science and technology.

Structure and Procedures

The matching fund pool of $15,000 will be allocated on a proportional basis among each of the sections funding a local scholarship program and submitting a valid application by the December 15 deadline date. The program provides dollar-for-dollar matching up to the $15,000 limit.  If more than $15,000 in applications is received, each section’s share of the fund would be reduced by a pro-rated amount so that the total does not exceed $15,000.

Matching funds awarded to any single section are capped at $2,500 per year, regardless of the number of applications by that section. The program is open to sections with new, as well as existing scholarship programs. Funds received through the program should be given to a student or students in the year they are provided.

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