Tribology and Lubrication for E-Mobility: Findings from the Inaugural STLE Conference on Electric Vehicles

Published May 2022

The rapid movement of the automotive industry to develop and commercialize electric vehicles (EVs) is placing growing demands on the lubricants that will be required to ensure optimum operation. STLE recognizes that more information needs to be publicized about the growing challenges faced and to provide a forum that encourages industry-wide discussion to help find answers.

For this reason, STLE held the inaugural Tribology and Lubrication for E-Mobility Conference in San Antonio, Texas (USA) in November 2021, exploring the latest advancements and outlook for the EV market. The conference included more than 20 speakers from leading companies and organizations with an interest in e-mobility. These speakers provided their unique perspectives in an effort to find common ground on the requirements for lubricants operating in EVs.

In an effort to disseminate this information beyond those who attended the conference, we are presenting this white paper summarizing the key findings and challenges discussed in the conference and including as much information as possible from specific slides used by the speakers.

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