Exhibitor Terms and Conditions


1. Application and Eligibility. Application for booth space must be made on the online form provided by STLE (hereafter, “the Society”), contain the information requested and be executed by an individual who has authority to act for the applicant.

2. Exhibit Booth Price. The price for each booth is $2,475 for STLE Corporate Members and $2,875 for all others (U.S. dollars).

3. Payment Dates. No booth will be guaranteed until the Society receives full payment for the total booth fee, along with a contract. However, if full payment is not received by Jan. 31, the year of the event the Society will have the right to resell the assigned booth space. The exhibitor expressly understands and agrees that all amounts paid here under will be applied first to any outstanding obligations due to the Society by the exhibitor, and then to the amounts due in accordance with this paragraph hereof, that any resulting amounts due must be paid within the time limits specified herein and that the Society will have the right to cancel this agreement if the exhibitor is or becomes in arrears with respect to any outstanding obligation due to the Society.

4. Cancellation of Booth Space. If the exhibitor notifies the Society of the exhibitor's intent to cancel the contract after acceptance but prior to Dec 31 of the year prior to the event a full refund of the monies received minus a $200 administrative fee will be made. A penalty of 50% of the cost of the total booth space contracted will be imposed for a written cancellation received between Jan. 1 and Feb. 28 the year of the event. No refunds will be made or cancellations accepted after Feb. 28 the year of the event. If for any cause beyond the control of the Society - such as, but not limited to, the destruction of the exhibit facilities by an act of God, the public enemy, authority of law, fire or other force - the Society is unable to comply with the terms of this contract and deliver the space allotted hereunder, this contract shall be considered terminated and any payments made hereunder by the exhibitor shall be refunded to the exhibitor, less expenses incurred by the Society to the date of termination allocable to the exhibitor after proration thereof among all exhibitors.

5. Assignment of Booth Space. Beginning in mid-February, booth space will be assigned according to STLE's 5-Point System which takes into account availability of requested space, the amount of space requested, STLE Corporate Membership, an Exhibitor's STLE advertising expenditure, Exhibitor's length of relationship with STLE, compatibility of the Exhibitor's products with the Society's aims and purposes, and the date on which the contract and deposit are received.  The Society reserves the right to assign space other than the choice requested, if necessary, and the right to rearrange the floor plan and/or relocate any exhibit.

6. Booth, Furnishings, Equipment and Services. A uniformly styled exhibit booth 10 ft. deep and 10 ft. wide will be furnished that consists of draped material on aluminum framework with a back wall that is 10 ft. high, side rails that are 36 in. high and identification sign that is 7 in. by 44 in. Exhibit displays must not project so far as to obstruct the view of the adjacent booths. In the rear, 4 ft. of all booths, display material or equipment can be placed to a height not exceeding 8 ft. unless requested in writing and approved by the Society. In the remainder of the booth, all display material or equipment shall not exceed 42 inches in height.

7. Conduct of Exhibits. The advertisement or display of goods or services other than those manufactured, distributed or sold by the exhibitor in the regular course of business and identified in this contract is prohibited. An exhibitor may not assign, sublet or apportion all or any part of the contracted booth space, nor may an exhibitor permit the display, promotion, sales or marketing of non-exhibitor products or services. Interviews, demonstrations and distribution of literature or samples must be made within the booth area assigned to the exhibitor. Canvassing or distributing of advertising outside the exhibitor's own booth will not be permitted.  No exhibitor shall sell or permit merchandise to be sold from the exhibit. Exhibitors may not serve or dispense food or beverages of any type from their booths or in the exhibit area. Helium balloons are not allowed in the exhibit area. No part of the display, including products, is permitted outside the exhibit space. Products and furnishings should be arranged with the safety of the exhibitors and attendees in mind. The character of the exhibits is subject to the approval of the Society. The right is reserved to refuse the applications of companies not meeting the standards required or expected, as is the right to curtail exhibits or parts of exhibits that are not in accord with the character of the meeting. This applies to displays, literature, advertising novelties, souvenirs, conduct of persons, etc. Booths should be designed to draw attendees into the booths, not to encourage attendees to stand in the aisles. Carpeting is mandatory in your booth.

8. Installation/Dismantling/Installation. All exhibits must be set up and operational by 11 a.m. Monday, the first day of the exhibit, without exception. Assembly of exhibits during regularly scheduled exhibit hours will not be permitted. At 11:15 a.m. an inspection will be made and exhibits that are obviously not being worked on and have no representative present will be assigned to the labor contractor for uncrating and erecting to facilitate removal of crates and the initial cleaning prior to opening. Charges will be billed to the exhibitor. Exhibit aisles must be clear by 12:30 p.m. Dismantling. The official closing time of the exhibits is noon on Wednesday. All exhibit material must be packed and ready for removal from the exhibit area no later than 3 p.m.  No packing of equipment or literature or dismantling of the exhibits is permitted until closing time. Any company violating this regulation may be denied exhibit space at any future Society conferences.

Exhibit Set-Up:  Sunday, noon-5 p.m.; Monday, 6:30 a.m.-11 a.m.

Inspection:  Monday, 11:15 a.m.

Exhibit Hours:
Monday, noon-5 p.m.
Tuesday, 9-noon; 2-5:30 p.m. (closed from noon-2 p.m. for Presidents Luncheon)
Wednesday, 9:30 a.m.-noon

Exhibit Tear-down:  Wednesday, noon-3 p.m.

9. Additional Exhibitor Services. All other services are available to exhibitors at normal charges through the official convention contractor (hereinafter “Official Contractor”).  An exhibitor's service kit will be provided to all exhibitors 60 days in advance with complete details and deadline order dates for rental displays, additional decorating, furniture, carpeting, signs, cleaning, photography, floral, electrical, telephone, audiovisual service, drayage and labor.

10. Contractor and Labor Coordination. The Official Contractor will have control of all inbound and outbound freight to prevent congestion in the loading and unloading area, in the aisles and in any freight traffic area. The Official Contractor will have complete control of all labor hired and scheduling and coordination of labor for the purpose of the orderly setup, management and dismantling of the exposition. It is highly recommended that the labor services of the Official Contractor be used for setup and dismantling. If an outside contractor is used, the following steps must be taken: A: The Society and the Official Contractor must be notified, and proof of adequate liability insurance must be given, at least 30 days prior to show setup. The booth number, name of the exhibitor and identification of the outside contractor must be included. B: Check-in by all labor will be required at the labor service desk prior to the start of setup. No setup will be permitted without the authorization of the Official Contractor. C: All outside contractor personnel shall confine their activities to the booth in which they are working and will not be permitted to solicit on the floor or elsewhere in the exhibit hall.

11. Hospitality and Entertainment. Hospitality suites or events sponsored by the exhibitors may not be scheduled to conflict with the Society's program hours, activity hours or exhibit hours.

 12. Exhibit Staff Registration. There is no limit on the number of personnel who can staff each booth. However, non-registered staff is limited to the exhibit hall only. Each exhibitor will have a printed exhibitor badge available at the exhibitor registration area in the convention center.
This badge entitles registered exhibitors to admission to the exhibit area only. Exhibitors must wear badges at all times --including during setup times, exhibit hours and dismantling --in order to enter the exhibit area. Exhibitor staff, temporary help and setup personnel must wear exhibitor badges or other badges designated by the Society or the Official Contractor. Exhibitor badges do not give admission to other conference functions, nor are they transferable. Exhibit staff is encouraged to register for the annual meeting, entitling them to admittance at all official events: technical sessions, education courses, tours, social events, etc. If registered to attend the meeting, an exhibitor should request an Exhibitor Ribbon on site, instead of a separate Exhibitor badge.  
13. General Conference Registration. Any exhibitor who desires to attend the program sessions or any optional activities must register through regular channels and pay appropriate fees. Registration forms are available on our website at www.stle.org
14. Special Visual and Sound Effects. Audiovisual and other sound and attention-getting devices and effects will be permitted only in those locations and at such intensity as in the sole opinion of the Society do not interfere with the activities of neighboring exhibitors. Operation of equipment being demonstrated may not create noise levels objectionable to neighboring exhibitors.
15.  Unacceptable Exhibits. The exhibitor agrees not to use any displays that the Society determines, in its absolute discretion, will unreasonably endanger the person or property of the attendees or of the exhibitors, are in bad taste, are liable to discredit the Society or subject the Society to criticism or legal liability, are inconsistent with the stated purposes of the Society and the interest and welfare of its members, are detrimental to the property rights of the Society, or violate the booth regulations or any other provision of this contract.

In the event the Society determines at any time that any exhibit may or does violate this contract and the exhibitor is unable or unwilling to cure or correct such violation, the Society may terminate this agreement immediately and forbid erection of the exhibit or may remove or cause the exhibit to be removed at the exhibitor's expense, and the exhibitor hereby waives any claim for refund of the exhibit booth or other damages arising out of such termination and/or exhibit removal. Any exhibitor who is uncertain as to whether an exhibit is in compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements should contact the Society immediately.
16. Insuring Exhibits. Exhibitors are encouraged to insure their exhibits, merchandise and display material against theft, fire, etc., at their own expense. It is suggested by the Society that the exhibitor contact the exhibitor's insurance broker and obtain all risk insurance covering exhibit property while absent from home premises for exhibit purposes, or a rider to the exhibitor's existing policy covering same. Neither the exhibit facility, the Society or the Official Contractor will be responsible for loss or damage to any property in storage, in transit to or from the exhibit building, or while in the exhibit building for any loss of income as a result of any reduced sales due to such loss or damage. All property of the exhibitor will be deemed to remain under the exhibitor's custody and control in storage, in transit to and from, or within the confines of the exhibit hall, even though at times it may be under the temporary control or direction of the Society or the Official Contractor.
17. Music Licensing. The exhibitor represents and warrants that it shall comply with all copyright restrictions applicable to exhibitors including, but not limited to, any music performance agreement between the Society and ASCAP or BMI. Exhibitor further represents and warrants that it shall obtain any additional license or grant of authority required of exhibitors under the copyright laws and present the Society with a copy of such license or grant no less than 30 days prior to the start of the show.
18. Liability for Damages or Loss of Property
The exhibitor shall protect, indemnify and hold harmless the Society, the hotel and the Official Contractor from any and all liability, loss, damage or expense by reason of an injury or injuries sustained by any persons or property or loss of property or income that might be derived there from occurring in or about the exposition premises or entrances theretoor exits therefrom, including that caused by or resulting from the negligence of the Society. The hotel shall not be responsible or liable for any injury, loss or damage to any property or person brought by the exhibitor or otherwise located in the exposition premises.  

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this agreement, all parties shall bear full responsibility for their gross negligence or willful misconduct attributable to its managerial and senior supervisory personnel and in no event, will a party be required to release or indemnify any other party for gross negligence  or willful misconduct attributable to another party's managerial or senior supervisory personnel.
19. Shipping Instructions. Information on shipping methods and rates will be sent to each exhibitor by the Official Contractor. The exhibitor will ship, at his own risk and expense, all articles to be exhibited. The Official Contractor will provide storage for incoming freight, delivery to the booth, and removal, storage and return of empty crates, and removal and shipment of outbound freight. All charges are based on inbound weights. All shipments must be prepaid. The address on all the crated shipments shall include the exhibitor's name and booth number(s).Exhibit material cannot be received at the convention center prior to the show setup dates. Such freight will be directed to and stored at the Society's designated freight handling and storage firm at the exhibitor's expense. The exhibitor expressly agrees that any exhibit material remaining in the exhibit hall after the contracted move-out time has terminated or any damaged exhibits left behind may be removed and disposed of at the expense of the exhibitor and without liability to the Society or the Official Contractor.
20. Failure to Occupy Space. Any space not occupied at the convention center by 11:15 a.m. Monday shall be forfeited by the exhibitor, and the space may be resold, reassigned or used by the Society without refund, unless a request for delayed occupancy has received prior approval by the Society.
21. Fire Regulations. No exhibitor shall use any flammable decorations or coverings, and all fabrics or other materials used shall be flameproof.
22. Advertising Material. The use or distribution of any souvenirs during the convention shall be subject to prior written approval by the Society. Such material shall be submitted to the Society for approval 60 days prior to the convention. Except as otherwise provided, the Society will not endorse, support or be liable for the claims made by the exhibitors as to the qualities or merits of their products or services, and no advertising or mention will indicate, claim, or suggest such endorsement or support. All handouts must be distributed within the exhibit booth.
23. Exhibit Space Floor Plan. Every effort will be made to maintain the general configuration of the floor plan for this convention. However, the Society reserves the right to modify the plan, if necessary, as determined solely by the Society.
24. Miscellaneous. The exhibitor expressly agrees to be bound by all terms, conditions and specifications herein listed and by the rules and regulations established by the Society from time to time thereafter modified. And expressly agrees that this contract and such rules and regulations contain the entire agreement between the parties hereto and supersedes any prior agreement, written or oral. This contract shall be interpreted under the laws of the United States and the State of Illinois.