Commercialism Policy

When submitting a presentation, you acknowledge that your presentation will be free of commercial bias. STLE has developed guidelines on utilizing company names, logos and product names to provide uniformity and professionalism in presentations, which include the following:

  1. Company name may be shown on the Title/Author slide.
  2. Company logo is permitted on the Title/Author slide. Any logos used on remaining slides should be small and unobtrusive, less than 10% the height or width of your slides.
  3. Product names should be used only when required for clarity to convey critical technical information in conjunction with a generic term. Subsequently, only the generic term should be used.
  4. Company literature or brochures may not be distributed.
  5. Cost/Price information should not be used. The use of relative costs is permitted, but no absolute cost or price information should be given.
  6. Competitors’ names or products may not be mentioned.