STLE Certification Program FAQs

Please see below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about STLE’s certification programs and registering for an exam.

What certifications does STLE offer? 
STLE offers four technical certification programs: Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS), Certified Metalworking Fluids Specialist (CMFS), and Certified Oil Monitoring Analyst I & II (OMA I & II). The STLE Certification Committee oversees the programs to assure they are uniformly administered, consistent with the best certification practices as recognized by the National Organization for Competency Assurance and the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, ISO 17024.

For more information and requirements on each program, please click on the below links for the exam you are interested in.  


Why get certified with STLE? 

  • Gain recognition from your peers.
  • Become more valuable to your organization and customers.
  • Offers a competitive advantage.
  • Potential for increased income.
  • Commitment to ongoing education opportunities and knowledge.
  • Immediate credibility to professionals in highly technical fields in the industry.

How can I best prepare for the exam? 
To best prepare for the exam, you should review the topic areas that are covered on the exam, identify any areas you may not feel as comfortable in and then once those have been identified you can use STLE’s resources such as our recommended reading materials and the STLE LearningPathways to brush up on your knowledge. It is important to note that you should first make sure that you have the experience and meet the eligibility requirements for the designated exam.

How much does the exam cost? 
STLE Members - $450.00 USD
Non-STLE Members - $625.00 USD
*STLE Member Retake - $225.00 USD
*STLE Non-Member Retake - $305.00 USD
Pricing updated as of January 1, 2021.
*Candidates are eligible to retake the exam as soon as six months from the month of their last attempt. 

How do I obtain an STLE certification?
STLE certification is obtained by scoring a 70 percent or higher on the designated exam. The exam itself consists of 150 multiple-choice questions, with a maximum of three hours to complete. Certification is valid for three years, after which individuals are required to recertify to maintain their credentials.

How do I register for an STLE exam?
If you are registering for an onsite  (in-network testing center) or online exam, go to the STLE website and complete the Certification Registration Form. Once completed with your contact information, date and exam you wish to take, and payment information, please submit your completed form to STLE will review and process your registration and then provide you with a voucher code and further instructions for scheduling your exam through STLE’s Webassessor portal.

If you are registering for a paper exam that is being hosted in person through a third-party company event, please follow the same steps, but note that there is a three-registrant minimum before STLE will proceed with processing registrations, so turnaround time for this may differ slightly. STLE will provide follow up communication either way.

What information do I need to schedule an exam?
To schedule your exam, the following is required:

  1. An STLE Webassessor account
  2. Meet all exam prerequisites
  3. Your voucher number from STLE
  4. Your STLE membership status
  5. The name of the exam you wish to register for

What is Webassessor?
Webassessor is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that empowers organizations to develop items, test forms and manage candidates and exams in real-time. It offers four different delivery options to meet test sponsor organizations’ diverse needs.

Who is Kryterion?
STLE has partnered with Kryterion to expand on the Society’s certification exam delivery methods. Kryterion is an organization that provides global testing services using leading edge technology and Webassessor.

How do I create a Webassessor candidate account?
Each Kryterion Test Sponsor has its own unique, branded portal through which candidates can enroll, register for, or reschedule exams. They can also view their testing schedule and their transcripts. To create an account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a New Account by clicking on the provided link and fill in all the requested fields. 
  3. Set a Username and Password that you will remember.
  4. Save this page as a bookmark or to your favorites for easy access on future visits. 

How do I schedule an exam in Webassessor?
Once you have created your account and logged in, navigate to the appropriate Exam Catalog by clicking on “Register for an Exam.” Make sure you know your current STLE membership status and select the exam from the correct catalog. If you are unsure of what your membership status is, please contact STLE for confirmation. 

  1. Select the exam you wish to register for. 
  2. The exam may be delivered via one or more delivery methods: 
    1. Onsite (physical testing center or a company-sponsored paper exam)
    2. Online (remote or online)
  3. Click the “Buy Now/Get Now” button next to your preferred delivery method. 
  4. For onsite delivery, select your preferred testing center(s) to preview availability.
  5. For both onsite and online, select your preferred testing date and start time.
  6. Review and accept STLE’s Test Candidate Agreement.
  7. Enter the voucher code provided to you by STLE and click “Apply” and then “Check Out.”
  8. A registration confirmation email will be sent and will include: 
    1. Name of the exam you are registered for.
    2. Test date, start time and location (onsite) of your exam.
    3. Other important exam related information. 
    4. Please read the confirmation email carefully and follow all instructions.

How can I find the location of a specific testing center?

You can view a full listing of exam centers at or during the registration process for an onsite exam via STLE’s Webassessor portal.

How far in advance can I schedule an exam?
This will vary based on exam delivery method and/or testing center schedules. Login to your STLE Webassessor portal and search for the exam and delivery method of choice to check current availability.

How can I cancel or reschedule an exam?
Login to your STLE Webassessor account, find the exam which you wish to reschedule or cancel (located under “My Assessments”). Click the “Reschedule/Cancel” link and follow the on-screen instructions. PLEASE NOTE: there will be a fee for reschedules or cancellations within 24 hours of your online scheduled exam start time or 72 hours before your onsite scheduled exam time.

How do I print a receipt?
Login to your account through your STLE Webassessor portal, navigate to the “Receipts” tab, locate the exam for which you wish to view the receipt and click the Receipt button. Complete any additional fields you wish to have included on your receipts and click the Receipt button. From here, you may save or print your receipt. 

When will I receive my exam results?
Exam result notification varies by exam delivery method. Online and onsite (in-network testing centers) provide you with immediate results upon completion of the exams. For paper exams, there is typically a 2 to 4-week turnaround for results due to shipping and processing times.

How do I contact support? 
You can access self-help tools, articles, videos, support, and live chat features through Kryterion’s Candidate Community located at For support from STLE directly, please contact us at or (847) 825-5536 for further assistance.

What should I do if the Testing Center is closed when I arrive for my exam?
First, check your scheduled start time and date. Next, confirm that you are at the correct entrance of the center for which you scheduled your exam. If you are in the correct location on the correct time and date, then please contact Kryterion’s support team via the live chat feature in the Candidate Community Portal. For faster support, you will be asked to provide your Webassessor login ID and exam details to support staff.

What is the exam cancellation policy?
In general, onsite exams can be cancelled no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled exam time and online exams can be cancelled no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled exam time without incurring a Kryterion fee.