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STLE Learning Pathways provide an individualized approach to professional development by letting you personally manage your career growth. Educational resources on topic areas make up a Body of Knowledge that will assist individuals in becoming technically competent as a Lubrication Specialist or Oil Analyst in the lubrication field.

This body of knowledge was developed through the countless efforts of many dedicated STLE volunteers, who contributed their time and energy reviewing extensive reference materials. You must be logged in to access this content, member access is more extensive than non-member access and includes full book chapters.  These pathways include access to CRC Press books (the Society's publishing partner), STLE Webinars, TLT technical articles and online short courses. 

To aid in the learning process, the majority of the references are filtered by key subject areas that a Lubrication Specialist  or Oil Analyst  would need to have in-depth knowledge. These areas are further divided into references that are categorized into three levels:
  • Basic: Information required to develop and understand the basic foundation of the key subject area.
  • Intermediate: Information that would typically be required to be relatively competent in that key subject area.
  • Advanced: Advanced knowledge beyond what would normally be required, but would be useful for job-specific requirements and duties.

Although the Lubrication Specialist and Oil Analyst Learning Pathways are quite extensive in listing the various resources available for each of the key subject areas, it does not necessarily mean that each and every reference needs to be reviewed and learned.  In addition, this body of knowledge is not necessarily inclusive of all knowledge that may be required to be technically competent in any given key subject area. Plans also include updating and improving the Lubrication Specialist and Oil Analyst Learning Pathways with new reference materials as they become available.

We hope that you find this valuable resource to be beneficial in upgrading your technical knowledge, advancing your career and to help you better serve your employers and customers.

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