What is tribology?
Tribology is the study of science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion. It includes the study and application of the principles of friction, lubrication and wear. Tribology is a branch of mechanical engineering and materials science.

Tribology’s economic and commercial impact is vast. The science reduces energy use, lowers the cost of maintenance and replacement, develops new technology, and solves resource problems, such as the lack of clean water. Proper tribological procedures save an estimated 1.3% to 1.6% of a nation’s gross domestic product—a savings of hundreds of billions of dollars (U.S. currency) in larger countries. Virtually every nation has realized it cannot afford to overlook the economic, industrial, and commercial advantages of tribology. Consequently, tribology is a science that is constantly being advanced by thousands of researchers around the world. Lubrication engineering is the practical application of that science, generally in the development of lubricants and their proper usage and maintenance. 

What is STLE? 

STLE, one of the largest professional societies in the field, serves 15,000 industry professionals worldwide.

To advance the science of tribology and the practice of lubrication engineering in order to foster innovation, improve the performance of equipment and products, conserve resources and protect the environment.

Online webinars, education courses and professional certification programs offer opportunities for continuing education to enhance your career and create value for your company.


STLE organizes, supports, co-sponsors and hosts meetings to provide the tribology and lubrication communities an opportunity to network, exchange ideas and information.

Educating technical professionals to compete in the global business environment is STLE's core mission of serving as a trusted provider of education and a workforce development partner.

STEM programs, scholarships and student outreach programs are a cornerstone to communicating the value of tribological innovations to the next generation of scientists and engineers.

In the Spotlight


VGP 2013: Propelling Marine Lubricants (Posted April 17, 2017)
Creating safe, environmentally friendly and high-performing lubes required cooperation between lube manufacturers, OEMs and the U.S. government. 
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Lubrication Fundamentals: Whither are we going?
 (Posted April 17, 2017)
Unlike its predecessor, STLE's second emerging trends report will examine our industry during a period of relative change.
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Marching toward our diamond jubilee (Posted April 17, 2017)
While many engineering societies have come and gone, STLE is preparing to celebrate its 75th anniversary. 
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Personalize Your Education. Advance Your Career.
STLE Learning Pathways is a new online resource library for lubrication industry professionals to help identify, align and target their education and career development needs with access to technical articles, courses, webinars and books that will help them better serve their customers and employers. 
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Trends in Tribology and Lubrication Engineering: Industry Leader Predictions Report

The Trends in Tribology and Lubrication Engineering: Industry Leader Predictions Report evaluates the impact of changes in industry, technology and the economy on the field. The 20-page report is based on a year-long study of nearly 1,000 industry experts surveyed with the goal of tapping into their collective wisdom and insight and drawing conclusions about the future of tribology and lubrication engineering. 
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Report on Emerging Issues and Trends

STLE’s Report on Emerging Issues and Trends, is the culmination of a multi-phase research effort to evaluate trends and predict future developments impacting tribology and lubrication engineering. The research encompasses the global opinions and experiences of nearly 1,000 tribologists and lubrication engineers who participated in the project as advisors, interview and focus group participants, and survey respondents. Order your free copy >


Annual Meeting Preliminary Program now available
(Posted April 10, 2017)

The preliminary program with updated program details is now available. Please use the program download link for your copy.

Annual Meeting Overflow Hotel - Hilton Atlanta 
(Posted March 28, 2017)

STLE has secured a room block at the Hilton Atlanta. Please use the Hilton reservation link to secure your room.

Renewable energy expert to address STLE members

(Posted Feb. 28, 2017)

NREL's Dr. Robert Thresher named keynote speaker at 2017 STLE Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

Plenary speakers take shape for 6th World Tribology Congress (WTC 2017)
(Posted Feb. 6, 2017)

Get the latest conference and registration information about WTC 2017 in Beijing, China, Sept. 17-22. 

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STLE 72nd Annual Meeting & Exhibition
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