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August 2014
TLT Featured Story

Aluminum Metalworking Fluids
Between can and cars, the market for aluminum and its metalworking fluids are exploding.

“Formulating high quality aluminum machining coolants is particularly difficult because you are balancing biostability and bioresistance, with the propensity of these fluids to stain aluminum.” Most of the ingredients used to maintain pH and alkalinity also will stain. So the question then becomes, do you sacrifice alkalinity for the sake of corrosion control? Do you use a stain inhibitor, which can have its own negative consequences? Plus you need lubricity that is activated at relatively low temperatures. These additives also can become bug food. Of course, our customers want to use one fluid for everything, including stainless, and most end user perform some sort of recycling, which has its own unique set of challenges.…
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