Oil Analyst Priority Group 1 

Physical and Performance Properties - Basic

Physical and performance properties identify a standard assessment used to identify a given characteristic of a lubricant. (i.e. viscosity, density, wear tests, etc.).

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Basic Handbook of Lubrication - Third Edition
Chapter 2- Oil Viscosity and Selection
Chapter 12- Hydraulic Fluids and Related Properties
Chapter 32- Glossary of Lubrication Terms

Lubrication Fundamentals - Third Edition
Chapter 2- Lubricant Base Stocks and Their Application
Chapter 3- Lubricating Oils
Chapter 4- Lubricating Greases
Chapter 5- Synthetic Lubricants
Chapter 6- Environmental Lubricants
Chapter 7- Hydraulics
Chapter 8- Lubricating Films and Machine Elements: Bearings, Slides, Ways, Gears, Couplings, Chains, Wire Ropes
Chapter 10- Internal Combustion Engine
Chapter 11- Automotive Transmissions and Drive Trains
Chapter 12- Automotive Chassis Components
Chapter 13- Stationary Gas Turbines
Chapter 14- Steam Turbines
Chapter 15- Hydraulic Turbines
Chapter 17- Nuclear Power Generation
Chapter 18- Compressors

Machinery Oil Analysis
Chapter 3- Machinery Lubrication