Lubrication Specialist Priority Group 1 

Friction, Tribology and Rheology- Basic

Friction is the force resisting relative motion between two surfaces that are in contact. Tribology is the science and technology dealing with the design, lubrication, friction and wear of interacting surfaces in relative motion.  The word Tribology was first introduced in 1966 and originates from the Greek word Tribos meaning "to rub." Rheology is the study of the deformation and flow of a lubricant in terms of stress, strain, temperature, and time.

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Short Courses

Basic Lubrication Short Course
Module 1 - Friction
Module 2 - Lubrication Fundamentals
Module 3 - Wear I
Module 4 - Wear II

Lubricant Composition Short Course
Module 2 - Base Oils
Module 3 - Grease Part I
Module 4 - Grease Part II

Fundamentals of Lubrication Certificate Course
Module 1 - Friction


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Basic Handbook of Lubrication - Third Edition
Chapter 1- Friction and Lubrication Regimes
Chapter 25- Wear Types
Chapter 32- Glossary of Lubrication Terms

Lubrication Fundamentals - Third Edition

Chapter 3- Lubricating Oils
Chapter 4- Lubricating Greases
Chapter 8- Lubricating Films and Machine Elements: Bearings, Slides, Ways, Gears, Couplings, Chains, Wire Ropes

Machinery Oil Analysis
Chapter 3- Machinery Lubrication