Tribology & Lubrication Technology

Tribology & Lubrication Technology (TLT) is the official monthly publication of STLE and was created to aid in the technical education and professional development of STLE members and industry colleagues. Through its print and digital editions, TLT delivers world-class technical content to some 15,000 lubricant professionals each month. Each issue includes feature articles, best practice analyses, industry surveys, interviews with leading lubrication professionals, emerging-technology reports, lubrication fundamentals and much more.  For general inquiries or article submissions, email


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2021 Editorial Calendar

  • January Condition Monitoring l Electric Vehicles l Wind Turbines l Engine & Drivetrain l Mining & Construction
  • February Base Stocks l Additives l Seals l Automotive Tribology l Oil Analysis l Tribotesting
  • March Metalworking Fluids (MWFs) l Condition Monitoring l Grease l Viscosity l Engine & Drivetrain
  • April Base Stocks l Gears l Wear l Additives l Bearings l Automotive Tribology
  • May Grease l Oil Analysis l Gears l Solid Lubricants l Environmentally Friendly Fluids
  • June Mining & Construction l 75th STLE Annual Meeting l Computer Tribology l 3D Printing l Auto Tribology
  • July Bearings l Grease l Automotive Tribology l Oil Analysis l Lubrication Engineering
  • August Bearings l Condition Monitoring l MWFs l Environmentally Friendly Fluids l Electric Vehicles l Auto Tribology
  • September Additives l Grease l Wear l Gears l Condition Monitoring
  • October Electric Vehicles l Aviation Lubricants l Environmentally Friendly Fluids l Lubrication Cleanliness l Bearings
  • November Grease l Oil Analysis l Automotive Tribology l Bearings l Condition Monitoring
  • December Gears l Tribochemistry l Metalworking Fluids l Aviation Lubricants l Automotive Tribology

TLT Editorial Policies and Procedures Manual