Why has STLE lasted 75 years?

TLT STLE 75th Anniversary March 2019

Readers speak out on STLE’s 75th Anniversary.


In this month’s Industry article, STLE Past President Dave Scheetz, chair of the STLE 75th Anniversary Committee, describes the society’s origins and the founding fathers who made it happen back in 1944. As part of STLE’s ongoing 75th anniversary celebration, TLT asked readers to explain the society’s longevity and the value of their membership. Here’s what they had to say. 

The members who support the industry are more than just doing a job. Our members set the world in motion and live to maintain that.
Investigation/experienced benchmarking.
STLE changes with the times.
STLE is founded on solid principles.

Dissemination of knowledge through proper case studies.

Providing useful information and support for this industrial sector.

The open, friendly and helpful atmosphere.

The topics are very relevant in mechanical engineering—friction is everywhere and very costly.

By providing up-to-date, unbiased information.
The society keeps pace with emerging technologies, and its educational opportunities are specific and worthwhile.
STLE exhibits prominent service and a careful work attitude, as well as rich information.
Because of the invaluable information it shares.
STLE is proactive among professionals. An active channel of information for common interests.
Good annual meeting and networking opportunities.
It meets the needs of the industry it represents.
It offers a popular forum for lubricant issues with a high benefit-to-cost ratio.
Dedication of its members.
Lubrication is very important to machinery health.
STLE has a broad view of tribology and lubrication. The focus has not been placed upon one field or another.
Performs a very useful function for our technical areas and industry.
STLE’s longevity is due to forward planning and the involvement of industry experts.
It offers a great deal of benefit to its members.
Things continue to need lubricants and lubricant-related solutions. Congrats.
Simple: STLE provides an indispensable service at a very reasonable price. 
The people who work in it for the contribution to the industry. Experience and knowledge for publicizing innovation.
Great technical and human community of specialists, users and manufacturers of tribological solutions.
It has no competition.
Good people involved in the organization. Important information conveyed to the membership.
It does a good job of providing training and keeping members engaged in its activities. To some extent, the latter is an assumption.
It’s a central meeting place for tribologists.
Active involvement and contributions from both industry and academia.
Great programs, certifications, motivated member-volunteers.
It has a following of professionals that ensured its survival.
STLE is relevant to real problems.
The development of knowledge requires meeting the right people at the appropriate level throughout the development period.
It’s the only place to get information on lubricants and metalworking fluids.
Member commitment and industry awareness.
The industry’s need for a collective unifying organization.
Because it is relevant to such a wide range of lubrication professionals.
It has managed to stay current on what industry is looking to learn about and cast aside old ideas as they become obsolete.
STLE is sorely needed but not relied upon or understood nearly enough.
Preservation of fundamental ideas through CLS examination and open sharing of current research via technical seminars.
Because it has been of good service for the industry and its professionals.
Willingness to change as needed.
The people who work at the society and the people for which the society caters to have made it last so long. It provides education and helps bring technologists together.
Creativity and innovation combined with sustainability are the reasons why it has lasted so long. Additionally, multiple sources of investment have helped the organization through lean economic years.
Excellent people providing excellent service.
STLE is a well-respected society.

How does being an STLE member help in your job and career? 
I have found many resources to benefit my career and place of work. I have brought education and understanding to customers overseeing millions of dollars’ worth of equipment. STLE helps me keep that equipment up and running while lowering down time and controlling costs due to premature failure. There is a lack of knowledge in lubrication in the mobile equipment that surrounds us. The foundation of most everything is based on aggregates: gravel, sand and rock. The operators and owners of this equipment look for an all-in-one lubricant solution. I help them learn that the correct grease and oils help them make money. There is a tendency for them to budget for small changes and hope to see large benefits.
Info crossing.
Career development. I stay informed and acquire knowledge and job opportunities.
Good industry awareness.
STLE’s annual meeting is a fantastic opportunity to get information, inspiration and new contacts.
I get relevant developments and contact info from STLE publications that ensure I can solve problems effectively.
My STLE membership has helped me make correct lubrication decisions and connected me with people who have provided professional advice and offered many learning opportunities.
My CLS certification provides a level of professional credibility. The society facilitates excellent educational opportunities and networking functions that have been valuable throughout my 35-year career in the lubrication industry.
I think it is helpful but not the most important.
Holding my CLS certification provides credibility to my customers that I can help them. Plus, the training I have received over the years.
Active information channel.
Networking and education.
Aids in maintaining my knowledge and keeping me up to date.
Provides a source for much-needed information about timely topics, and I stay in contact with relevant experts.
Looks great on a resume. In my job, don’t know.
I have benefitted from local meetings, training and certification programs.
Annual meeting provides a yearly opportunity to connect face to face with friends and colleagues in our industry.
Gives credibility internally and externally when working with customer and equipment builders.
Education and ability to share experience.
Keeps me informed and up to date.
Technical support and best practices ideas. Also, STLE provides a wonderful peek into the future of our industry.
I use it to differentiate myself and add credibility vs. some competition with less experience and certification.
We represent companies of lubricants, and STLE allows us to seek advice from those with greater knowledge. Besides that, it helps us to innovate and solve problems for our clients.

Education and networking.
Being part of that community.
I know I can show my STLE membership card anywhere in the U.S. and buy a latte for only $5! Seriously, it shows credibility of knowledge in the industry.
Keeping current on industry trends, new technologies, regulatory climate, etc. Access to Tribology Transactions and Tribology Letters to keep up with research in the field.
Constant flow of new information. Industry-recognized certifications.
TLT articles alone have helped tremendously in opening my eyes to the challenges and applications of lubricants. The new Learning Pathways has been invaluable.
Information source.
Availability to current knowledge and standards helps in creating valuable publications and construction-exploitation solutions as well as in teaching students.
It educates me.
My CLS designation and professional development.
Connection to other lubrication engineers and tribologists.
STLE education opportunities (Webinars, courses) allow for continuing education. STLE certification is well known throughout the lubrication industry.
Provides me with technical information I would not otherwise have access to, as well as networking opportunities at the national meeting and other venues.
Good forum for meeting suppliers and customers.
Keeping in touch with like-minded professionals, spreading new technologies, sharing solutions to common problems.
Members are frequent clients of our lab.
Make new contacts and re-acquaint with old ones.
It has helped me be perceived as a technical expert in subject matter areas of base oil formulation in lubricants, wear and friction factors. Also helps me understand the correlation between tribology and lubrication. Additionally, helping start the first-ever STLE Louisiana Section has brought awareness from many different areas.
CLS certification is key in my career.