STLE Volunteer Opportunities

Each year STLE recognizes the time, talent and contributions made by volunteers who serve on our committees, industry councils and local section leaders. They are what allow STLE to grow and nurture our industry, foster new talent, and grow the organization as a whole.

Available Volunteer Openings

The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers is currently seeking volunteers from the STLE community, with the expertise and skills, to help the Society continue to improve upon its professional and technical resources to those in the lubrication field.

STLE is looking for individuals interested in the following volunteer opportunities.
Please note, you must be a current STLE member to serve on any STLE committee.

Learning Pathway Content Reviewer
Time Commitment: Between July and November of a designated year

Earn CLS and OMA Recertification Credit

STLE Learning Pathway Content Reviewers serve on the STLE Task Force. They are responsible for evaluating assigned content, which may consist of Webinars, articles, annual meeting education course materials and books/publications, for suitability  as a recommended resource  for  Lubrication Specialist or  an  Oil  Monitoring  Field  Analyst.  

Reviewers are required to complete assigned monthly content  reviewand submissions to the designated contact at STLE  Headquarters.  Volunteers completing their assignments to the satisfaction of the STLE Certification Programs and the STLE Education manager receive recertification credits.  Serving on the STLE Task Force provides an excellent opportunity to gain professional recognition and experience.

  • Must be a active CLS and/or OMA I certification holder for at least two years
  • Ability to access content as provided (requires internet and webcast viewing capability)

Committee Member – STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS) Committee
Time Commitment: One Term (3 years)
(Must be CLS Certified and a STLE member)

The CLS committee is currently looking for individuals, who are CLS certified, to serve as subject matter experts (SMEs) and create questions, based on their expertise, in these technical areas:
  • Fluid Power
  • Gears
  • Lubricant Manufacturing
  • Metalworking
  • Seals
  • Solvents and Cleaners
  • Transportation Lubricants

    Committee Member – STLE Certified Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA) Committee
    Time Commitment: One Term (3 years)
    (Must be OMA Certified and a STLE member)

    The OMA committee is currently looking for individuals, who are OMA certified, to serve as subject matter experts (SMEs) and create questions, based on their expertise, in these technical areas:

  • Fundamentals
  • Sampling
  • Analysis Tests
  • Interpretation
  • Troubleshooting

    Committee Member – STLE Scholarship Committee
    Time Commitment: One Term (3 years)
    (Must be a STLE member)

    In order to serve our mission and purpose, STLE’s Board of Directors has recently approved the creation of an STLE Scholarship Committee. This committee’s charter includes management of STLE’s Scholarship Program, scholarship fund and all fundraising initiatives for the Society, as well as make recommendations to help meet the organization’s goals as they relate to the scholarship programs. 

    Webinar Presenter – STLE Education
    Time Commitment: Short-Term (Few hours)
    (For members or non-members)

    STLE Education is looking for individuals (members or non-members) who would be interested in presenting a self-created, one-hour technical subject-based Webinar. STLE welcomes any topic submissions or suggestions for webinars, however, subject areas that are most in demand by STLE are these topics:

  • Electric Motor Lubrication
  • Pneumatics
  • Natural Gas Engines
  • Fuels and their Impact on Lubrication

  • If any of the above opportunities interest you, please complete the
    STLE Volunteer Interest Form.  

    Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact STLE Headquarters at (847) 825-5536, or email

    Benefits of Volunteering

    Make a Difference For Your Profession:
    Help shape the future of your profession. Increase the influence of the profession in the technical and scientific community. Help spread awareness for the profession and the STLE certification credentials.

    For Your Career:
    Enrich your resume with your volunteer activities. Build your professional network by working with colleagues. Receive complimentary leadership training. Enhance your leadership, team-building and communication skills.

    Recertification Credits:
    Earn credits towards your STLE Recertification. Click here for STLE's Recertification Policy.

    Talk to a Leader!
    Find out more about volunteering on the local and national level. Email a local section leader. Ask STLE Headquarters to help you connect with a volunteer working on a specific team in your area of interest.