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STLE Member Benefits Guide

As a member of the leading technical organization for lubrication professionals, you have access to the resources you need to succeed, as well as leadership opportunities and a community of industry experts to further your career. Learn more on how you can leverage the full advantages of your STLE membership. STLE Membership is a Low-Cost Investment with High Professional Rewards!
EDUCATION  - Member discounts on
courses, books and webinars
  • Webinars (expert presenters)
  • Online Courses (expert presenters)
  • Self-study learning guides
  • Textbooks and reference materials

PUBLICATIONS  - Member discounts on technical publications and industry resources
  • Tribology & Lubrication Technology (TLT) Magazine (print or digital)
  • Searchable Archives (maintenance, reliability, safety, risks, costs)
  • Technical, Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Journals
  • Find raw materials and help with formulations
  • White papers
  • Emerging Trends Report (triennial)
NETWORKING - Member discounts on all conference registrations
  • Annual Meeting & Exhibition (international attendance)
  • International conference (Allied organizations in Europe and Japan)
  • Research and Emerging Trends Conference (international attendance)
  • Member Directory (worldwide connections)
  • Local Meetings (lifelong connections)
  • Job Board (career opportunities)

CERTIFICATION -  Member discounts on certification tests and recertification fees
  • Certified lubrication Specialist
  • Certified Metalworking Fluids Specialist
  • Certified Oil Monitoring Analyst I
  • Certified Oil Monitoring Analyst II

Membership Types

Individual Membership

Available to individuals who work within the industry or related fields of tribology and lubrication engineering.


Individual Membership Dues:
$170 / Annually or;
$330 / $470 - Two years/Three years for additional savings and convenience

Corporate Membership

Provides opportunities for companies to stay at the forefront of the industry. Corporate members receive significant savings on STLE’s most valuable products and services, designed to educate your employees, market your business and network with an international audience. For more details about corporate benefits, please contact Tracy VanEe.

Corporate Membership Basic

Please complete and return the form to
Package Includes: One Individual Membership for your Corporate Representative
2 complete Annual Meeting registrations, includes 2 education courses and 2 President’s Luncheon admissions
Discount on Exhibit Booth fees for the Annual Meeting
Commercial Marketing Forum Discount
Corporate Member Listing on STLE Web site
Total Value: $5870.00
Total Corporate Member Price: $1,350.00

Corporate Member Premium
ncludes all of the “Basic” Package plus:
1 Additional Annual Meeting Registration includes President’s Luncheon & education course
3 Additional President’s Luncheon Admissions (6 total)
1 Copy of The Basic Handbook of Lubrication, Third Edition
10 On-line Education Short Courses
10 Pre-recorded Webinar Accesses
5 Future Webinar Admissions
Digital TLT Magazine Distribution to Company List
Total Value: $8770.00
Total Corporate Member Premium Price: $3,725.00

Student Membership

Requires a current official school transcript.  Available to full-time undergraduate or graduate students in an accredited academic institution majoring in physics, chemistry, engineering or other related technical or scientific disciplines
Students receive full access to all member services & benefits at reduced prices, including conference registration at industry events such as the STLE Annual Meeting and Tribology Frontiers Conference.   

Please complete and return the form along with payment and your current official school transcript to
Student membership dues: $25 annually

Changes in employment status
A member who has suffered a significant change in employment status may file a written request to headquarters for a six month waiver of dues. Examples of changed status include but are not limited to complete loss of employment, change of employer and temporary furloughs. Requests will be considered by the STLE Executive Director with input from the Executive Committee as required. No more than two consecutive six-month delays may be granted. Submit your written requests to

For more information about STLE member programs and services, email