STLE Member Highlight - June 2024

STLE is thrilled to shine a spotlight on our outstanding members with the new Member Highlights feature.

This new homepage feature will highlight one STLE member per month, to promote their work or research and discuss how STLE has helped in their career. The goal is to learn from other STLE members, form collaborations and expand networking opportunities.

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Jack McKenna,
Vice President Corporate Accounts, Sea-Land Chemical Company

What is your role at your organization?
I have had a variety of customer facing roles at Sea-Land. Most of my work involves solving customers problems and helping them find key raw materials that they are seeking. Today I spend time mentoring both inside and outside of our organization.

What products or services does your organization provide?
We are specialty chemical distribution company that has a primary focus on a couple of markets. Our largest market is the lubricants industry where we supply additives to companies that make metalworking fluids, greases, transportation lubes and related industrial products. We also supply items that are used in the manufacture of household, industrial and institutional cleaners.

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How long have you been a member of STLE?
I joined STLE in November of 1997 so 27 years to date. I have held roles in the Chicago Section for this entire period and served on the board of directors for STLE from 2009-2015. I have been a member of our executive committee for three years now.

How has STLE helped you throughout your career?
Starting with my time in the Chicago Section I met many of my customers in the STLE networking venues. STLE sections provide education opportunities that helped increase my market and product knowledge. As I stepped up in my volunteer roles at both the section and national organization level I learned how to make speeches, organize and run meetings and many other skills I have applied to my work life.

What is the greatest benefit you get from your STLE Membership?
Connect-networking with customers, supplier and industry leaders. Learn­ education events at local sections and national meetings. Achieve-rising levels of responsibility at Sea-Land and as a volunteer.
What would you say to others looking to get involved with STLE?
Be an active volunteer with STLE. You will learn, connect and achieve! 

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