2016 Tribology Frontiers Conference Student Poster Presentations

Another impressive group of student posters were presented at the 2016 Tribology Frontiers Conference. Please join us in congratulating the winners. Listed below are the posters and presenters. 
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BORGES, RAISSATribological Studies of 3D Printed Biocompatible PCU/UHMWPE CompositesUniversity of ArkansasPlatinum
SCHRADER, JORDYNDistinguishing between suction and adhesion in articular cartilage contactsUniversity of DelawarePlatinum
DESANKER, MICHAELAlkyl-Cyclens as Effective Sulfur- and Phosphorus-Free Friction Modifiers for Boundary LubricationNorthwestern UniversityGold
STECK, JASONFatigue Study of Deformation Resistant Al/a-Si Core-shell NanostructuresUniversity of ArkansasGold
VAZIRISERESHK, MOHAMMADAn Atomic Insight Into the Physics of Structural Lubricity at GOLD/HOPG InterfacesUniversity of California MercedGold
ALAM, KAZI ISTIAQUESurprising Ultra-low wear of PEFK-PTFE Composite in a Dry and Humid EnvironmentUniversity of DelawareSilver
KOLANOVIC, CLAUDIAWear of PTFE-Alumina Composites: Effect of Particle Properties on WearLehigh UniversitySilver
TORGERSON, TYLERSelf-Adaptive Friction Behavior and Thermal Stability of MoS2-Sb2O3-C CoatingsUniversity of North TexasSilver
BHARGAVA, SUVRATInvestigations of Highly Wear-resistant PTFE Nanocomposites Using X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) SpectroscopyRensselaer Polytechnic Institute 
BONYADI, SHABNAMMechanics of Polyacrylamide Hydrogels Following Surface WearUniversity of Illinois At Urbana Champaign 
CAMPBELL, KASEYExploring the Processing Parameters and Wear Mechanisms of PEEK- Based TriboBlendsLehigh University 336 Mudd Laboratory 
CHEN, RIMEIInvestigating the Application of Continuum Mechanics Models to Describe Contact Area at the NanoscaleUniversity of California Merced 
CHEN, YUNYUNDirect Observation of Stress-induced Nanoparticle in GreaseTexas A&M University 
CURTIS, COLINNanotribological Investigation of the Mechanisms of Nanodiamond-Mediated Reduction of FrictionNC State University 
DAI, WEIEffects of Vanadium Oxide Nanoparticles on Friction and Wear ReductionTAMU 
DAWCZYK, JOANNAEffect of Organic Friction Modifiers on Properties of Antiwear FilmImperial College London 
DIRKSEN, MATTHEWOil Aeration Tester Development on a Small Scale FootprintConexo, Inc. 
GARABEDIAN, NIKOLAYA New Experimental Approach to Study Micro and Nano-scale FrictionUniversity of Delaware 
GARABEDIAN, NIKOLAYLow Wind Speed as a Paradoxical Driver of Premature Bearing Failure in Wind TurbinesUniversity of Delaware 
GHEISARI, REZAEffect of Temperature on Tribological Performance of Hard CoatingsTexas A&M University 
GREJTAK, TOMASOptical In Situ Micro Tribometer for Analysis of Real Contact Area for Adhesive Contact MechanicsLehigh University 
GROPPER, DANIELEfficient Numerical Analysis of Textured Hydrodynamic BearingsUniversity of Southampton 
HU, JIAN-QIANGExtreme Pressure Properties and Action Mechnism of Bismuth Naphthenate with Sulphur Isobutene Additives in LubricantsDepartment of Aviation Oil 
JIA, XIUDesign of Composite Systems for Rotary Wear ApplicationsLehigh University 
JOHNSON, DUVALComplex Rheology of Polymer Enhanced SolutionsUniversity of California Merced 
JONES, MORGANUltra Low Wear of Fluoropolymer Composites and the Potential Link to MicrostructureUniversity of Florida 
KHAJEH, ARASHAnalysis of mechanical behavior in soot nanoparticles under consecutive compression tests using molecular dynamics simulationUniversity of California, Merced 
KIM, JIHOIn-situ 3D Imaging of Tribological Behavior Near Hydrogel SurfacesUniversity of Illinois At Urbana Champaign 
KONTOU, ARTEMISInfluence of Engine Oil Formulation on Wear for Soot-containing OilsImperial College London 
LAN, PIXIANGTribology of Advanced Polymeric Coatings in Extreme Working ConditionsTexas A&M Unversity 
LARSSON, ELINBoric Acid as a Lubricating Fuel Additive • Optimization of a Lab Test to Understand Fuel Consumption Reduction in Field TestsUppsala University 
LEE, JAEHOFriction and Wear of Glass Metals with Ionic Liquids as LubricantsTexas Tech University 
LEN, MICHELLEViscosity Simulation of Polymer-Enhanced FluidsUniversity of California Merced 
LIU, PENGFEIModel of Fluid Pressure Distribution Under Friction FieldMechanical School, Tianjin University 
LIU, ZHONGElastohydrodynamic Lubrication Analysis of Textures for Finite Length Roller Contacts with CrownsNorthwestern University 
MA, MINGZHENThe Vacuum Tribological Properties of Annealed Newly-Developed Ti-20Zr-6.5Al-4V Alloy  
MCGHEE, ALEXANDERSurface Deformation with Simultaneous Contact Area Measurement for Soft Transparent Media Due to Contact with a SphereUniversity of Florida 
MIRHASSANI MOGHADDAM, SEYED REZASensitivity of a Multiscale Model of Shoe-Floor-Contaminant Friction to Normal Force and Shoe-Floor Contact AngleUniversity of Pittsburgh 
MOHAJER, MAHYARTribological Studies of Micro-/Nano-Patterned Surfaces Fabricated by Two Photon PolymerizationUniversity of Arkansas 
RAHMAN, MD SAIFURHigh Temperature sliding wear behavior of Ni alloys under Helium environmentTexas A&M UniversityPlatinum