Tribology Conference Student Poster Presentations

Another impressive group of student posters were presented this year at the Tribology Frontiers Conference.  Judging took place Monday morning and afternoon, November 14th, with the winners being announced at the Networking and Poster Reception on Monday evening.  Listed below are the posters and presenters.  Photos from the event are available on STLE's Facebook page.
AwardLast, FirstPoster TitleUniversity
 CHEN, RIMEIThe Area of Contact Between Nanoscale Bodies in Molecular Dynamics SimulationUniversity of California Merced
ThirdFLEMING, ROBERTFriction and Adhesion Study of Deformation-Resistant Nanostructure-Textured SurfacesUniversity of Arkansas
 GARZA GARCIA, GERARDOImprovements on Laser surface texturing (multivariable study) to improve tribocharacteristicsUniversidad De Monttrey
 GARZA GARCIA, GERARDOEffect of nanoparticle size and surface roughness on the tribological properties of PAO2 nanolubricantsUniversidad De Monttrey
 GOULD, BENJAMINStudying the Formation Mechanisms of White Etching Cracks through High Energy X-Ray TomographyUniversity of Delaware
FirstGU, THOMASSystematic Steady-State Hydrodynamic Analysis of a High Performance Textured and Profiled Journal BearingNorthwestern University
SecondHAN, MENGWEIA Biometric Lubricating System based on the Synergy between polymer brush and Ionic LiquidUniversity of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign
 JAISWAL, VINAYFriction and Wear Reducing Behavior of Graphene-based Nanomaterials in Polyethyleneglycol (PEG) base oil as Energy Efficient low SAPS Antiwear 
 LIU, ZHONGElastohydrodynamic Lubrication Analysis of Herringbone Groove and Profile Designs in Roller ContactsNorthwestern University
 MOORE, AXELTribological Rehydration: A New Lubrication Mechanism for Biphasic MaterialsUniversity of Delaware
 SAKAI, FUMAThe Bearing Performance of Journal Bearing Having Two Oil Filler Holes Under Starved LubricationTokai University
 WANG, HONGDONGSuperlubricity Achieved by Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) Aqueous Solutions inTsinghua University