2016 Tribology Frontiers Conference Student Poster Presentations

Another impressive group of student posters were presented at the 2016 Tribology Frontiers Conference. Please join us in congratulating the winners. Listed below are the posters and presenters. 
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TORGERSON, TYLERRoom and Elevated Temperature Sliding Wear Behavior and Mechanisms of Additively Manufactured Novel Precipitation Strengthened Metallic CompositesUniversity of North TexasPlatinum
VELLORE, AZHARLubricated Sliding of Textured Surfaces with Nanoparticle AdditivesUniversity of California MercedPlatinum
ZHAO, JINGYIModeling of Wear and Micropitting in Mixed Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Based on Load-Sharing ConceptUniversity of AkronPlatinum
ALAM, KAZI ISTIAQUESurprising Ultralow Wear Rates of PEEK-PTFE Composites in Dry and Humid EnvironmentsUniversity of DelawareGold
GARABEDIAN, NIKOLAYA Direct Experimental Link Between Atomic-scale and Macroscale FrictionUniversity of DelawareGold
MILLER, CHARLESPDA/PTFE Coatings on 60NiTi for Space Mechanisms and Aerospace ApplicationsUniversity of ArkansasGold
JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHERTime-dependent Pressure Relaxation in Hydrogel Contact ExperimentsUniveristy of IllinoisSilver
LEN, MICHELLEThickening Mechanisms of Polyisobutylene in PolyalphaolefinUniversity of California, MercedSilver
SCHWACK, FABIANGrease Lubrication Performance in Blade Bearings for Wind Turbine Application Silver
ADES, MICKEALMethod for Comparing the Efficacy of the Chemical Flushes in Varnish RemovalUniversity of California Merced 
ALSAIRAFI, ABDULLAHCFD Modeling of Contaminants in the Bearing Manufacturing ProcessYoungstown State University 
BALASUBRAMANIAN, PRABHAKARANDesign and Usage of a Twin-Disk TribometerUniversity of Illinois 
BROSSIER, PIERREModeling the Thermal Behavior of Highly Loaded Rolling Element BearingINSA Laboratory LaMCoS 
CARRELL, JULIAThe Performance of Bio-Lubricants with Common and Novel Automotive CoatingUniversity of Sheffield 
CHEN, EUGENEFrictional Study of Dust Sweeping for Cleaning Solar PanelsTexas A&M University 
CHEN, YANElectrochemical In Situ Study of Cobalt ECMPTexas A&M University 
CHRISTIAN, NIAA Multiphysics Analysis of Textured Artificial Hip Implants During Different Types of Everyday Movement Using the PAML+ Modeling ApproachRice University 
GAJGHATE, NINAAD VINODAn Investigation of Hydraulic Fluid Composition and Aeration in an Axial Piston PumpFluid Power Institute-Milwaukee School of Engineering 
GHOSH, SUJANFabrication and Tribological Study of Thick PDA/PTFE CoatingsUniversity of Arkansas, Fayetteville 
HINKLE, ADAMA Thermokinetic Model of Friction in Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2)Sandia National Laboratories 
JANUSZEWSKI, RACHELAn Experimental Study into the Mechanism of False Brinelling Contact DamageImperial College London 
LEE, JIHYUNGUnderstanding and Prediction of the Coupled Stress-Induced Evolution of Nanoscale Materials InterfacesUniversity of North Texas 
MASAHIRO, TSUBOTAA Study of Wear Mechanism of Plane Bearing with New TribometerUniversity of Fukui 
MASEN, MARCPhysiological Relevant Testing Using a Newly Developed BioTribometerImperial College London 
MCGHEE, ERICIn Situ Measurements of Contact Dynamics in Speed-Dependent Hydrogel FrictionUniversity of Florida 
QIAN, KUNEffects of Base Oil on Tribofilm FormationMiami University 
QIN, HAIFENGThe Effect of Stresses, Slide/Roll Ratio, and Hydrogen on Bearing Failure Arising from White Etching MatterThe University of Akron 
QUIBAN, ROMAINChurning Losses of Spiral Bevel Gears: Application to Helicopter Tail GearboxesAirbus 
SAIKIA, JORDANDetection of Abnormal Wear Particles via Electromagnetic Sensor and Particle Imaging TechnologiesFluid Power Institute-Milwaukee School of Engineering 
SALARI, SEPEHRMicro-mechanical/Tribological Response of High Temperature AlloysGeorge Mason University 
SCHWACK, FABIANFinite Element Analysis of Load Distribution and Truncation Effects in a Four Point Contact Ball Bearing for Wind Turbine Application  
SHIRANI, ASGHARExcellent Tribological Performance and High Temperature Stability of Newly Discovered Biodegradable Chinese Violet OilUniversity of North Texas 
SMELOVA, VIKTORIJAMicrostructural Characterisation of Dark and White Etching FeaturesUniversity of Southampton 
STECK, JASONDeformation Resistant Nanostructure-Textured Surfaces Fabricated using Two-Photon Lithography and Atomic Layer DepositionUniversity of Arkansas 
TABASSUM, TAHSEENAn Investigation of a Mass Flow Rate Method for Evaluating the Filterability of Hydraulic FluidsStony Brook University 
VOINIER, STEVENDefining the In-situ Contact Area of Articular Cartilage ExplantsUniversity of Delaware - Spencer Lab Room 336 
VYAVHARE, KIMAYATribological Behavior of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes as an Additive in Lithium GreasesUniversity of Texas at Arlington 
WAGNER, JOSHUATowards a Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) Framework for Modeling Erosive Wear Due to Particle-laced Gas Jets in Aerospace EnvironmentsRice University 
WAGNER, JORDANA finite element model for magnetohydrodynamic squeeze-film flows between fractal surfacesRice University 
WALTERS, NICHOLASFrictional Behavior of Lubricated Nitinol 60 AlloysUniversity of California Merced