Membership and Section Awards

P.M. Ku Award
The P.M. Ku Award was established in 1978 and is given annually to the STLE member who typifies the dedicated spirit and hardworking attitude of the late P.M. Ku, a volunteer leader who worked tirelessly for the benefit of the society. Click here to learn more about the P.M. Ku Award.

Vic Joll Award
The Vic Joll Award recognizes outstanding and selfless contributions by a member of an STLE section. Participation in society-wide activities is not one of the criteria for this award. It honors the late Vic Joll, 1978-79 STLE President, who was a champion of local sections. Click here to learn more about the Vic Joll Award.

Outstanding Section Awards
Outstanding Section Awards are given annually to one large and one small STLE local section whose performance during the prior year warrants special recognition. The recipients are determined by the STLE Vice President based on recommendations provided by the Board of Directors and the STLE Headquarters staff.  Click here to learn more about the Outstanding Section Awards.