Dr. Ali Erdemir
2020 - 2021 STLE International Award Recipient
Over the past three decades, Dr. Erdemir has established himself as a pioneering and distinguished scientist in materials science, surface engineering, tribology and related disciplines. His dedicated and multidisciplinary research has resulted in several key discoveries for which many awards, honors, and patents have been bestowed. His international reputation as a pioneering tribologist elevated his stature to the elected membership of the National Academy of Engineering in 2019, the Presidency of the International Tribology Council in 2017 and STLE in 2016.

Dr. Erdemir has had major impact on materials science, mechanical engineering, surface engineering and tribology, nano-structured and -composite materials and coatings, physical and chemical vapor deposition, solid/liquid lubrication, superlubricity, surface science, diamond and diamondlike carbon films, engine tribology, low-dimensional materials. Outstanding contributions to the arts and sciences in these areas have resulted in several breakthrough discoveries and have had a significant positive impact on further understanding of the fundamental friction and wear mechanisms of numerous novel materials, coatings, and lubricants (many of which are patented and licensed to industry).

Dr. Christopher DellaCorte (NASA Glenn Research Center) described Erdemir’s impact on the field in nominating him for the award. “Ali is a stellar technologist, inventor and prolific author.  He has championed international collaborations and led research delegations the world over.  His leadership within STLE is recognized by service at the highest levels, including STLE President.  He was recently inducted into the National Academy of Engineering and the European Union Academy of Sciences.  These are achievements that are unparalleled.  Without question, Dr. Ali Erdemir is the most recognized and acknowledged leading authority in Tribology.”  DellaCorte is an STLE Fellow and recipient of the 2016 International Award.

In early 2020, Erdemir joined Texas A&M as a TEES (Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station) Eminent Professor from Argonne National Laboratory, where he served as a distinguished fellow and senior scientist.

He received his bachelor’s degree from Istanbul Technical University in metallurgical engineering and his master’s and doctoral degrees in materials science and engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

His current research is directed toward the development of novel tribological technologies for a broad range of applications in manufacturing, transportation, and other energy conversion and utilization systems.