Fundamentals of Industrial Enclosed Gears (Recording)
Fundamentals of Industrial Enclosed Gears (Recording)

Fundamentals of Industrial Enclosed Gears & Their Lubrication with Lawrence Ludwig, Schaeffer Manufacturing

Industrial enclosed gear drives are used in a diverse myriad of industries ranging from small to large manufacturing plants, steel mills, mine and quarries. In these industries, the number of enclosed gear drives can number from a handful to thousands. Though in some applications the enclosed gear drive may not be used in critical operations, it is still necessary that they are properly lubricated. The industrial gear lubricant that is being used in these application is often exposed to the presence of high moisture or water conditions, high operating and ambient temperatures, low ambient temperatures, excessive loading conditions or to highly contaminated environments. The industrial gear lubricant must perform in the presence of these contaminants and operating conditions, while still maintaining their ability to protect against wear and adequately lubricate the equipment. In addition to these factors Original Equipment Manufacturer design changes to improve gear drive efficiency have resulted in downsized gear drives that operate at higher speeds and loads resulting in higher operating temperatures, increased gear and bearing distress and smaller oil capacities that can further stress the industrial gear lubricant being used. In this webinar you will learn about basic gear fundamentals, the different types of industrial gear lubricants that can be used, some of the important properties and industrial gear lubricant should possess and the proper selection of the type of industrial gear lubricant to use.
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