Grease and its use in Food Processing (Recording)
Grease and its use in Food Processing  (Recording)
Grease and its Use in Food Processing
with Wayne Mackwood, Chemtura

Recorded on: Dec 14, 2011

One of the most critical industries on the planet today is that of food production and any disruption in that industry can have significant impacts on the human population. Disruptions can include natural ones such as drought and blight to human caused ones such as contamination and can lead to a lack of product, product recall, sickness and even death. All of this can cause fear, panic, and anger in various populations particularly if negligence or worse, intentional acts were involved. Therefore it is imperative that all stages of the food process be managed in a safe and effective manner. Grease and proper lubrication are a small but critical part of all stages of that process. The contamination of food by lubricants should always be a concern. Grease and other lubricants designed for food processing are incidental contact products and as such there is a potential for minimal contact. They are not designed for full consumption and the FDA rules limit food contact to 10 ppm. Leaks due to a variety of reasons can never be fully eliminated. Grease can get washed out of the bearings by the process material or during cleaning. As long as lubricants are required in the food processing equipment, no amount of design or engineering effort will completely eliminate the potential for food contact. This webinar will discuss what constitutes a grease from both a design and performance perspective, what constitutes a food grade approved grease, and will briefly review the current issues surrounding the food grade lubricant market.
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