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STLE University is...

Education Your Way: Focused. Flexible. Accessible.

STLE is considered to be the foremost provider of non-commercial technical education to the field. Our goal is the dissemination of knowledge to further the science of tribology and lubrication engineering. We've had a robust and well-known tradition of providing solid education, and now we're taking that tradition online and expanding our offerings.

STLE University is our brand for all our professional development, including: local section education courses, regional courses, conference education courses, online courses and webinars. STLE University is also a centralized online space that you can utilize to take and complete our online courses and webinars. Once you've attended and completed one of our online education courses, it feeds directly into your online profile to make the recertification process easier.

For more on the STLE University and how it works,
click here. You can also view the tutorial which details this website including browsing for, purchasing, attending, and completing an online course or webinar.

STLE U includes many different educational offerings including both online and in-person education. Click below to get more information and to explore our different educational opportunities.

Our all-new online offerings include online courses and webinars:

  • Online courses include: Fundamentals of Lubrication Certificate Course, Lubricant Composition Short Course, Basic Lubrication Short Course, Fluid Management & Recycling Short Course, and our Metalworking Fluid Short Course.

  • Webinars are offered twice monthly and cover fundamental information as well as market and industry trends.

Our in-person education opportunities include: Annual Meeting education courses, local section courses, certificate courses, and on-site education courses that we can bring to your facility - all with world-class instructors leading the way.

All of our educational opportunities apply towards recertification. Online courses and webinars are counted by the hour, and count towards requirement #12 of our recertification policies. For more information, visit our About Certification page or contact us at

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