Get Involved

Volunteering is a great option to fulfill your needs and desires. Some cite a desire to participate in and contribute to the Society, to build skills and enhance their career, meet new people, network, and utilize their knowledge, skills and abilities to grow your community. This is your chance to do that and so much more.

  • Join your local section and attend monthly technical meetings or social events.
  • Participate in your local section’s leadership (become a volunteer). Volunteers can serve on a specific committee like Education or Membership, or you can become part of the leadership – going through the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Chair and Chair.
  • Volunteer to speak at a local section – if you know you’ll be in the section’s geographic area, feel free to touch base and see if they need a speaker for an upcoming meeting. If you live in the area, just make contact with the leadership at that section and let them know what topics you can speak on, so they can include you in their yearly schedule. You can also submit topics and your information to our Speaker Database.
  • Present at a conference. Whether it’s the Annual Meeting (held annually in May) or the International Joint Tribology Conference (held annually in October), this is a great way to get started and a wonderful way to meet colleagues and present your research. If you’re in graduate school, you may consider taking part in the Student Poster Competition held at both events.
  • Become a volunteer for conference-related activities. Please contact Headquarters to get more information.
  • Join a Committee or Council: these can be industry councils, technical committees, or administrative committees. These groups are affiliated with the national STLE office.
  • Teach a course at one of our meetings, or at a local/regional course throughout the year. Contact Headquarters to see what’s coming up and to see what you can take part in.
  • Provide content for an education course – work with the technical committee on creating a course on various technical topics or contact Headquarters.
  • Volunteer to be interviewed. We look for interviewees for both the 20 Minutes feature in TLT and for our audio podcast. We are always looking for new members, established members, and members of all kinds to talk to about their work, research, and new developments in the industry. This commitment involves some prep work, but we send the materials you need, and you get to talk about your passion either in print or in an interview.
  • Provide a tip, best practice, case study, or other related item on a specific technical topic to The STLE Compass (podcast). In 200-450 words, tell us something you’ve learned on the job or from a colleague. This can include tips, tricks, lessons learned, or great resources you’ve come across. An easy way to make a quick contribution to your community, and a great resource if you have a problem you’re not sure how to tackle, or a question you don’t know the answer to.
  • Submit an article for TLT. If you have information on a technical topic that you’d like to share, please submit your idea. Request and fill out our Idea Submission Form, and we will be in contact throughout the process as we choose content to feature in monthly issues.
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