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Special Report: ZDDP’s uncertain future

Dr. Neil Canter | TLT Tech Beat September 2019


One of the most widely used additives in automotive and industrial lubricants for the past 75 years has been zinc dialkyldithiophosphates (ZDDPs). Initially developed and patented in 1944 by a representative from the Union Oil Co. of California (1), ZDDPs have demonstrated multifunctional characteristics that have positioned them to be used prominently in many of the most important lubricants used commercially today. Read Full Article.



How will electric vehicles impact commercial fleets?

Sharbel Luzuriaga, Kline & Co. | TLT Market Trends September 2019


Few casual observers, whose knowledge of electric vehicles might encompass the Tesla 3 and a few other similarly well-known models, would connect electric vehicles with heavy-duty fleets. However, beneath the surface, alternative powertrain technologies in the commercial automotive segment are rapidly catching up with their more celebrated passenger counterparts. Read Full Article.


TLT Archives – The TLT Archives Collection provides individuals web access to previous articles dating back to 2009. Quickly find articles using the keyword search on or find articles through popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. Click here to find the TLT Archives Collection .


TT_100.jpgFeatured article from Tribology Transactions

Tribological Performance of Graphene and PTFE Solid Lubricants for Polymer Coatings at Elevated Temperatures

By Yinshui Liu, Xiaomin Zhai, Yipan Deng & Defa Wu


As a 3D printing technology, selective laser melting has remarkable advantages such as high processing flexibility, high material utilization, and short production cycle. The applications of selective laser melting technology in industry have become quite extensive. In this article, the tribological properties of 316L stainless steel processed by selective laser melting and traditional methods have been studied under water lubrication. Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) filled with carbon fiber (CF)/polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)/graphite was selected as the counterpart. 316L stainless steel and PEEK are a tribopair commonly used in water hydraulics. This study is of great significance to the application of selective laser melting material of tribopairs in water hydraulics. Friction and wear tests were carried out on a pin-on-disc contact test apparatus under different operating conditions. The friction coefficient, specific wear coefficient, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of the worn surface, and energy-dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) of the surface adhesions of the three tribopairs were measured and compared. The results revealed that the friction coefficient of the selective laser melting (SLM) 316L stainless steel was significantly higher than that of traditionally processed (TP) 316L stainless steel, which might be caused by the pores on the surface of SLM 316L stainless steel. Adhesion and cutting on the surface of SLM 316L stainless steel were also more serious, resulting in a higher specific wear coefficient of its counterpart PEEK composite compared to PEEK composite against TP 316L stainless steel. Read Full Article.


Tribology Transactions is STLE’s bi-monthly scientific journal that contains peer-reviewed experimental and theoretical technical papers on lubrication, friction and wear of materials from the macro- to the nano-scale. STLE members have full online access and can search the complete archives. Join STLE today to access this and many other member benefits!



TFCLogo_200.jpgSTLE News & Notes


Support STLE’s TFC and Promote Your Company and Career ops

STLE once again is taking a look into the future of tribology with its Annual Tribology Frontiers Conference, October 20-23 at the Historic Drake Hotel on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, Chicago, IL. (USA).


Your company can help support this exciting industry event while gaining maximum exposure among leaders in the fields of lubrication technology and tribology research by becoming TFC Sponsors!


New this year will be the opportunity to “connect” with an anticipated 60+ student attendees. Participating Sponsor/Exhibitors will be given “Connect With Me” ribbons indicating interest in discussing career opportunities with these highly educated and eager students.


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  • Includes 6 ft., skirted Exhibit Table in the carpeted French Room of the Drake Hotel;
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Pioneer Sponsorship:  $1,495.00

  • Includes 6 ft., skirted Exhibit Table in the carpeted French Room of the Drake Hotel;
  • Sponsor acknowledgement in the 2019 TFC Program Guide;
  • Sponsor acknowledgement in the “Thank You” ad in the December issue of TLT Magazine;
  • Sponsor acknowledgement on signage at the venue;
  • Sponsor acknowledgement in Sunday and Monday Reception slide presentations


Advertising Opportunities are also available on the cover pages of the 2019 TFC Program Guide! 


Contact Tracy Nicholas VanEe at 630-922-3459 or at to lock down your company’s participation in this exciting, forward-thinking industry event!



Spotlight Presentations for TFC2019 Identified

Spotlight presentations are talks that have been identified by the TFC Planning Committee for presenting issues of primary interest in each of the areas of tribology research. Spotlight presentations have been given extra time, from the traditional 20 minute to 40 minutes talks. Click here to learn more about the spotlight presentations.



Meet the 2019 Tribology Frontiers Conference Plenary Speakers


Dr. Martin Webster

Senior Research Associate, Lubricants Technology

ExxonMobil Research and Engineering


Martin Webster currently holds the position of senior research associate and program leader at ExxonMobil’s Corporate Strategic Research laboratory in Annandale, New Jersey. He is responsible for a number of the longer range lubrication and tribology research programs. Webster gained his Ph.D. in tribology from Imperial College London, where his work on rough surface contact mechanics resulted in being awarded the Institute of Mechanical Engineers Tribology Bronze Medal in 1986. Following a postdoctoral assignment with Shell Research in the UK, he spent 2 years working on the design and analysis of wind turbine systems with the UK-based Wind Energy Group (WEG). He has since accumulated more than 20 years of experience working with ExxonMobil in both research and product development positions. His research focus has been on the fundamentals of lubricated contacts, including the measurement and characterization of elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) performance, modeling EHL contacts, rolling contact fatigue phenomenon, and the interactions of lubricant components with engineering surfaces. He has published numerous papers and patents in each of these areas. He has been active in various societies and technical committees, including the Gear Research Institute, the ASME Rolling Element Bearing Committee, and the STLE Gears and Gear Lubrication technical committee. In 2006 he was elected to join the STLE Board of Directors which culminated in serving as the STLE President 2015-16.


Dr. Marius Stan

Senior Scientist and Program Lead, Intelligent Materials Design

Argonne National Laboratory


Dr. Marius Stan is the Intelligent Materials Design Lead in the Argonne National Laboratory’s Applied Materials division. Stan is a computational physicist and chemist interested in complexity, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, heterogeneity, and materials design for energy and electronics applications. He uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and multi-scale computer simulations to understand and predict properties and evolution of complex physical systems. The goal of Stan’s research is to discover or design materials, structures, and device architectures for energy applications, such as nuclear energy and energy storage, and for the new generation computers. To that end, he develops theory-based (as opposite to empirical) mathematical models of thermodynamic and chemical properties of imperfect materials. The imperfection comes from defects or deviations from stoichiometry (e.g., in battery electrodes), from irradiation (e.g. in nuclear fuels), or doping (e.g. computer memory devices). Then Stan uses the models in computer simulations of coupled heat and chemical transport, micro (nano)-structure evolution, phase-stability, and phase transformations. To analyze large and complex experimental and computational data sets, Stan uses Bayesian analysis and machine learning methods based on regression and evolutionary (genetic) algorithms that can produce robust data screening and sampling. In parallel, Stan designs experiments to validate the models and simulations.


Click here to learn more about the Plenary Speakers



Tribology Frontiers Conference Early Bird Registration now through Sept. 20th

Join the international tribology community for the 5th Annual STLE Tribology Conference. STLE's Tribology Conference creates a dynamic format that highlights the role tribology research can play in solving future scientific and societal challenges.


Early bird registration is taking place between now and September 20th. STLE Members and non-members registration is $745.00. After Sept. 20th registration increases to $795.00.


STLE Student Members (in good standing) registration is $100.

Click here to register



Reserve your room for the TFC at The Drake Hotel

STLE has reserved a room block for guests attending the 2019 Tribology Frontiers Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Special discounted rates have been negotiated at The Drake Hotel Chicago (Headquarters Hotel). Please visit to reserve your rooms, or make changes to existing room reservations.


Government room rates are available. Please email to receive the link.


Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and STLE does not guarantee room availability. If you plan on attending the 2019 Tribology Frontiers Conference, you are urged to make your room reservations as soon as possible. Click here to make your reservation.



Check out extended abstracts from the 2018 Tribology Frontiers Conference

The TFC Planning Committee collected extended abstracts from the 2018 TFC and has selected few outstanding abstracts in each of the technical categories.


Surface & Interfaces:



To see all the abstracts from 2018, click here.



STLE_2020_Logo_sm.png STLE 2020 Annual Meeting & Exhibition Call for Presentations

The submission site is now open to receive abstracts for podium or student poster presentations at the 75th STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition, May 3-7, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.


The Technical Committees are producing Calls for Abstracts to detail what topics or issues they are looking for and they are being uploaded as received to the URL:

Deadline to submit abstracts is October 1, 2019. Please submit all abstract to ttps://





Vector_Student_rsm.jpgWorldwide Student Poster Contest

How tribology can affect the future world

Click here for contest rules and resources


Four age categories (4-8) (9-11) (12-14) (15-18)

Winners in each category receive cash prizes



Ages 4-8:   Explain how a lubricant works and show the results on your poster.

Ages 9-18:  Explain your experiment and results. Show ways to reduce friction and how this can be used to improve our lives in the future. 


Two Poster Categories:

Technical Poster – Show results from experimental work (3 winners for each age group. 12 winners total)


Artistic Poster – Draw a picture as you imagine the future world where reduced friction makes the world better. (1 winner for each age group. 4 winners total)


Poster submission period

August 1 – December 31, 2019


How to Submit Your Poster:

  • Submit a high resolution photo of your poster at It must be legible.
  • Multiple entries are allowed, but only one poster will be counted for a prize.
  • By submitting you agree that your poster becomes the property of STLE and may be used in publications, advertising, and any other manner deemed appropriate.
  • Required information includes:
    • Title of Poster
    • Name
    • Age
    • Address
    • Email
    • Phone (used to notify winners)



Contact Dr. Maureen Hunter at

Find all contest rules and details, including resources, explanation of tribology and possible experiment ideas.

Click here



STLE_75th_Anniversary_lapel_pin(1).pngDrive 75 - Support STLE’s Drive 75 and Your Local STEM Program!

STLE’s 75th Anniversary is being observed in many ways throughout the year, culminating in a festive celebration at the 2020 Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Chicago next May.


Your company can help honor and support the industry’s premier technical association by becoming a Drive 75 Sponsor and reaping a series of exposure benefits—the most unique of which aligns your company with the local STEM program of its choice!


For more information, click here. To discuss pricing and eligibility, contact Tracy VanEe at 630-922-3459 or at



Call for Nominations Open for STLE Fellows

The STLE Fellows Committee would like your recommendations for 2020 Fellows nominations. STLE Fellow membership may be granted to any individual who, according to the Society, has (1.) demonstrated outstanding personal achievements in the field of tribology and/or lubrication engineering, (2.) has been engaged in active practice in a science and/or engineering profession for a minimum of 20 years, and (3.) has been an STLE member for a minimum of 10 years.


Any current STLE member may propose any other STLE member for Fellow membership by submitting a completed Proposal for Fellow nomination form to the Society. The deadline for Fellows nominations is Sept. 30, 2019. Learn more about STLE Fellows and to download the nomination form.



Download the 2019 Plant Engineering Lubrication Guide

Looking for the best lubrication products to help deliver the right solutions for your applications?


Check out the 2019 Plant Engineering Lubrication Guide, prepared in partnership with STLE, which is available for lubrication industry professionals. The Lubrication Guide is a valuable resource that offers a snapshot at some of newest innovations for oils and greases that help keep manufacturing plants humming along. The guide also is designed to provide manufacturers with an understanding of all of the market options available.


Click here to download the Lubrication Guide.



7th Annual Auburn Tribology and Lubrication Science Minor Symposium

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Auburn University, College of Engineering, Auburn, AL


This is a great opportunity to support and learn about the Tribology Minor. You will be able to meet and interview students, learn about university research, and network with others in the tribology and lubricant industry. Attendees will also receive 5 continuing education credits (PDH). Lunch and Dinner will be provided. Remaining funds will go toward supporting the Tribology Minor (scholarships, teaching laboratory, and operating costs). For more details and to register please visit



ELGI & STLE Tribology Exchange Workshop

November 6 & 7, 2019

Marriott Courtyard Amsterdam Airport Hotel, Netherlands


This two-day Tribology Exchange Workshop, hosted by ELGI & STLE, aims to focus on the multidisciplinary nature of tribology and provides in-depth knowledge on the linkage of friction, wear and lubrication to the traditional scientific disciplines. Suitable for those new to the field of tribology with a background in material science, mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics, or related disciplines and those who wish to gain a broad understanding on tribology. This two-day Tribology Exchange Workshop includes a daily program of 9 presentations on three Tribology topics with a closing round-table discussion session. Click here for all event details.



Upcoming Section Activity


STLE Houston Section Meeting

September 13 | Houston, TX


STLE Detroit Section Education Seminar

October 2 | Dearborn, MI


STLE Houston Section Meeting

October 11 | Houston, TX


STLE Chicago Section Education Program

October 16 | Elmhurst, IL


STLE Houston Section Golf Outing

October 24 | Spring, TX



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