Time for some resolutions?

Greg Croce | TLT President's Report February 2019

Celebrate the New Year by pledging to get involved in STLE activities.

Demonstrating a lubrication-related experiment at STLE's STEM Camp is one of many ways to volunteer in 2019. 

Happy New Year to all the wonderful readers of TLT magazine. I really like the New Year holiday, as it is the last of the celebrations we all join in around the world. No holiday name changes, no worries about interpretations. You can scream Happy New Year to anybody around the world and they will recite it back to you with great vigor! Everybody around the world celebrates the coming of the new year and, more important, the coming of a new start!

With that in mind, what is your resolution?

I have many resolutions floating in my head each year; they generally have something to do with getting thinner, drinking less and being nicer. As you can see, I don’t normally stick to them! 

This year my main resolution is to make STLE a better society. The key to the success of my resolution relies on you. I cannot make STLE a better place without the help of all the volunteers around the world. So my resolution relies on the following:

Thailand and Singapore start-ups
You cannot believe how anxious I am to get these two sections off the ground because I know once this gets started it will benefit all members. In Thailand, I hope to see Vichai, Dr. Numpon and Dr. Peerawat pull together the last few items and hold their first education event in 2019. In Singapore, Askash, Simon and Ong are pulling together very detailed plans and documents to get STLE started. They are very energized and anxious to get the section started! Wouldn’t it be great to get this started around the same time as the March F&L Week in Singapore?

More education
We are on the right track to develop the multiday education course, many thanks to Ed Becker and his LSET team. We have some polishing to do, but I look forward to several offerings of this course in 2019, which leads me to the final piece to the resolution puzzle.

Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer
Whether it is teaching a module at our education course, presenting a paper, serving on one of many committees or taking part in some of our micro-volunteer calls for action, please get involved. Volunteerism is what makes us successful. Don’t be bashful or feel like you don’t have the time—it is very rewarding and fun to boot.

One change we made last year to STLE committee bylaws was to limit the involvement in any one committee to six years. This ensures that we continue to refresh the volunteers on these committees, creating opportunities for more people to get involved. But it also means we need more people to get involved!

To the hundreds who already volunteer, take it upon yourself this year to get one of your friends or colleagues to volunteer for something at STLE. 

So keep an eye out—several times a year STLE issues a call for volunteers. Look for something you want to help with and get involved; it not only will be rewarding for you, but it also will help me with my resolution!

Till next time: Connect (by volunteering!), Learn and Achieve.
Greg Croce is Delo Brand technical manager for Chevron Products Co. in Richmond, Calif. You can reach him at gcroce@chevron.com.