STLE Board of Directors

STLE is governed by a 24-member Board of Directors. The President, who serves a one-year term, is the organization’s chief elected officer and the chairman of the Board of Directors. The Executive Director is a full-time paid employee and is the organization’s chief staff executive.

2016-2017 STLE Board Of Directors

Back row (standing from left to right):  Mr. Micheal Blackmon,  Dr. Vasilios Bakolas, Mrs. Karen Eisenhower, Dr. Ashlie Martini, Mr. Evan Zabawski, Mr. Thomas Scharf, Dr. Ryan Evans, Dr. Neil Canter, Mr. Paul Hetherington, Dr. Pranesh Aswath, Dr. Michel Fillon, Mr. Patrick Brutto, Dr. David Burris, Dr. Min Zou.

Front row (from left to right): Mr. Edward Salek, Dr. Martin Webster, Mr. Greg Croce, Dr. Ali Erdermir, Mr. Micheal Anderson, Dr. Micheal Duncan, Mrs. Allison Toms, Mrs. Lynn Billings, Dr. Ken Hope.

PositionFull NameCompany
DIRMs. Karen Maureen HarringtonAfton Chemical Corporation
DIRMr. Brian M. HoltkampNye Lubricants Inc.
DIRMr. David A. TurnerCITGO Petroleum Corporation