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FREE Webinar: Rolling Element Bearing Test Program Development & Data Analysis for OEM Engineers

Friday, November 30, 2012

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

Join us for this FREE webinar sponsored by Napoleon Engineering Services (NES), where Chris Napoleon will present Rolling Element Bearing Test Program Development and Data Analysis for OEM Engineers.

Rolling Element Bearing Test Program Development and Data Analysis for OEM Engineers

Presenter: Chris Napoleon, President/Chief Engineer, Napoleon Engineering Services (NES)

Where: Streaming online, provided through WebEx, an online event service

When: Friday, November 30, 2012, from 12:00-1:00 p.m. CT (Central)

Cost: FREE to STLE members and non-members


This webinar will focus on different bearing testing strategies and how the data is analyzed to provide a design or test engineer with information that supports the qualification process of rolling element bearings.  We'll look at the logic tree associated with bearing qualification then focus on the dynamic tests that can be done, test plan development and methodology, data analysis and comparison of test data to field data.  This webinar is ideal for those individuals who are trying to understand or develop a rolling element bearing qualification program for new product development or negotiating through the global supply chain.


Chris Napoleon founded Napoleon Engineering Services in 1997, after several years in the aerospace bearing industry, with a clear vision and passion for increasing bearing knowledge and performance throughout all industries.  With the increase in the global supply chain for bearings Chris saw a need for companies to reduce risk when sourcing product and developed our Inspection and Testing departments.  Today, under Chris’ guidance, NES has become the largest independent bearing testing and inspection facility in the United States. 
Chris has devoted the past 14 years of his career to providing bearing qualification solutions to design engineers and corporate supply planners through extensive and unique forms of bearing testing and inspection.  The programs he has developed have helped hundreds of large OEMs make informed decisions about the global supply chain and improved bearing performance in their applications. 
The highlight of Napoleon Engineering Services inspection program is the Source Qualification Inspection (SQI) program, a unique service which provides a comparison between multiple bearing suppliers.  Chris has developed this program which determines the design intentions, manufacturing quality, material integrity, and overall quality of workmanship, opening the world of bearing design for non-bearing engineers.

Napoleon Engineering Services has seen outstanding growth in its 14 years of development under Chris, with the company recently settling into its state of the art 20,000 sq ft facility which was completed at the beginning of the year.  Under Chris’ direction and leadership Napoleon Engineering Services continues to strive in all three aspects of the business; Bearing Inspection, Bearing Testing, and Custom Bearing Manufacturing and looks forward to future growth in the years to come.

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Phone: (847) 825-5536

Email: Kara Lemar at klemar@stle.org for more information

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