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STLE Northern California Section Meeting

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

12:00 PM - 02:30 PM

Join the Northern California Section for their June Technical Presentation, Nanotribology: What is it and who cares?

STLE Northern California Section Technical Meeting
Nanotribology: What is it and who cares?
June 26, 2013

Professor Ashlie Martini, University of California - Merced

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 from Noon to 2:00p.m.

The name nanotribology tell us that the field has something to do with tribology on vey small lengths and time scales, and it appears to be growing in popularity as judged by the number of presentations and poster at the annual meeting in recent years. however, to most STLE members, the actual meaning of nanotribology and its practical implications are not very clear. One reason for this confusion is that different people mean different things when they say nanotribology. For example, nanotribology might describe an experiment where friction is measured for a nanometer size contact area; or it might mean using the nanoscale structure of fluid molecules to make predictions about properties of that fluid in the bulk. These are very different research fields, yet both call themselves nanotribology. The more significant issue is that it is not always evident why research on the nanoscale matters. In this presentation I will try to demystify nanotribology and its purpose. The presentation will include some examples of research in nanotribology, but will focus on how the field is relevant and useful for tribology in general, both today and in the future.

Speaker Biography:
Ashlie Martini obtained her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University in 1998. Upon graduation she accepted a position as a information technology consultant with Deloitte Consulting. In 2002 Ashlie returned to Northwestrn to pursue a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering in the area of tribology and obtained her Ph.D in June of 2007. She was offered a position of assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University upon graduation but opted to spend one year doing a self-directed post-doc before beginning full time at Purdue in August 2008. In August 2011, Ashlie moved to the University of California Merced as an assistant professor in the school of Engineering where she now is actively involved in teaching undergraduate (e.g. Machine Component Design) and graduate courses (e.g. Tribology), contributing to professional societies (e.g. Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers), and maintaining a strong research program in tribology. Her current research focus is on understanding nanoscale tribological phenomena as a means of enabling application-specific interface design. Ashlie was recently awarded the ASME Burt L. Newkirk award and was a recipient of funding through the AFOSR Young Investigator Program.

Spenger’s Fresh Fish Grotto
1919 Fourth St.
Berkeley, CA.
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Members and Guests - $30.00 cash or check at the door

Please RSVP before June 21 to reserve a seat
RSVP to:

12:00PM - Lunch
1:00PM - Presentation (no charge, but RSVP to reserve a seat)

Thanks. We look forward to seeing you at this month’s meeting! Please pass this note on to anybody that would like to attend; need not be a member to attend.

2012-2013 Northern California
• Ehren Herguth - Chair
• Greg Croce - Vice Chair
• Rob Mills - Secretary
• Paula Vettel - Program Chair
• Jack Zakarian - Treasure

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