Virtual Networking Reception

2021 STLE Virtual Annual Meeting and Exhibition Networking Reception
Monday, May 17 | 6:30 – 8:00 pm US Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Bring your libation of choice and plan to add to the conversation! This isn’t your traditional networking setting, but it’s designed to really get people to engage and find real value in connecting with your colleagues in the field.

The site will be open at 5:30 pm EDT if you want to test your access.

Access The Event Here
Direct URL: ( )  
Please note you will not be able to actually enter the event site until the evening of the event.


  • Register for the event & create your profile in advance. Take the tutorial if this is your first time using the platform. Trust us, the more comfortable you feel, the more fun you will have. Click here for steps on how to register.
  • Set up your Remo account. You will need to set up an account by entering your first/last name and a password. After logging in, edit your profile by clicking the profile icon the upper right-hand corner of the window.

    It’s helpful to add your photo, company name and job title so that other users have the info on hand. Think of it as your lanyard badge you’d typically wear at a tradeshow.

  • Once you enter the platform on the night of the event, you will be assigned a table at random. Simply double click on any open seat to move into a different table.

  • Click the “mic” and “mute” button to mute and unmute yourself.

  • Remo works best on desktop or laptop computers and on the most updated versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer is not supported.

  • Ensure your device has a microphone and camera.

  • Click play when a video is presented. Video will not otherwise play on its own. To enlarge video screen, click on the video thumbnail.

  • You may join a table in the event by simply double clicking on it. Likewise, you may leave a table by double clicking on an alternate table to join a new discussion.

  • While at a table, you may find it beneficial to use the Tile Mode function in order to enlarge the display of participant videos. This is done by clicking on the Tile Mode icon in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen

  • Pre-Event Checklist. Follow this checklist to get your computer ready for Remo

Please email Gen Hedland-Hill, STLE Conference Manager,