Submitting an Abstract for Commercial Marketing Forum

(Deadline – March 1, 2024)
If you need to clear it with co-authors or management, start early. If the deadline is missed, it will appear in the program as a “TBD”

Creating an Account
  • Access this link:
  • Click the tab at the top to create an account
  • You will be asked to enter a user name. When done, click “Finish” which will generate an email confirmation with your user name and a link to request an encrypted password.
  • When password is received use the user name and password to sign into the site.

Submitting an Abstract
  • Insert your topic Title, 150 word abstract (1000 characters max), and a one or two line biography of the presenter for introduction purposes.  Place your company name, followed by a colon, ahead of the actual title so attendees will immediately recognize what company is presenting
  • There is a check box to indicate the presentation is free of commercial bias. We know the CMF are proprietary but you will need to check the box to move forward.
  • Check “Oral” for the Presentation Type
  • Check “Commercial Marketing Forum” for the topic or category.  Do not click any other category even though it may fit.

  • The account creator will appear automatically as the #1 author who is the presenting author.  If one or more co-authors are to be added, click “add author” and search by email.  If no results, click on “Create Author” and add co-author information. The second author will appear in the #2 position. An affiliation will need to be added so click on this box and either select the company name that is already there from the creator or click the “add new affiliation” to add the affiliation of the new author.   Repeat for each author.
  • If the real presenting author is not in the #1 position, change the numbering in the number boxes to make the presenter #1 and click on the link that says “change author order”.  That will put the presenting author in the #1 position.
  • When completed click on “Review and Submit” to review the submission and submit if correct.
  • If any information is missing or if the abstract is too long, a box will appear with the problems indicated.  Fix the problem and submit again.  A confirmation of your submission will be emailed to you and to the STLE Conference Office.

Drafts or Updates
  • If the submission is started but not completed, it will remain in draft form until it is completed and submitted. 
  • If the submitted abstract needs to be changed or a co-author added, as long as the abstract is not yet accepted, the author can go back into the system, click “Return to Draft”, make the corrections and resubmit.  Once accepted the abstract is locked so it will need to be unlocked so it can be returned to draft, edited and resubmitted.  If only a minor change is required, an email request can be sent to the STLE Conference Office to make the change for you.  Include the abstract ID number with the request to help in locating the abstract.
  • Once the individual sessions are created, the abstracts will be placed in their purchased presentation slot, which will be the way it is exported from the system.

Contact for help or Information

Merle Hedland
STLE Conference Office
Ph: 630-428-2133