Meet the Principal Investigator (PI) Session

Twenty of the world’s top tribology researchers have accepted an invitation to be part of an innovative session at the 2018 Tribology Frontiers Conference (TFC). This adds a new dimension to the October event, which has already gained a reputation for being a high-impact conference aimed at discovering the role tribology will play in solving critical technical, environmental and societal problems.

This “Meet the Principal Investigator (PI)” session will provide conference participants with time to engage these tribology thought-leaders in a small group discussion. Each “tribology all-star” will prepare an abstract on a topic of their choice for the "Meet the PI" poster session. Topics will include a recent advancement or development, an unexpected finding in search of explanation, a new passion project, new opportunities for tribology research in untapped areas, and general challenges to the technical community.

TFC Chair David Burris (University of Delaware), who organized the session, emphasizes why it promises to be so valuable to other presenters and participants. “It’s not just opportunities for networking, but who you get to network with, that helps shape the impact of a conference,” he stresses.

Tribology Thought-Leaders Presenting at TFC 2018
(As of July 17, 2018 - Presenters are subject to change)

 James Batteas – Texas A&M University (USA)   Wang Jianmei - Taiyuan University of Science and Technology
 Roland Bennewitz - INM-Leibniz Institute for New Materials (Germany)              Rob Dwyer-Joyce - University of Sheffield (United Kingdom)
 Brian Borovsky - St. Olaf (Minnesota) College (USA)
 Ashlie Martini – University of California-Merced (USA)
 David Burris - University of Delaware  Martin Muser – University of Western Ontario (Canada)
 Robert Carpick - University of Pennsylvania (USA)            
 Ulf Olofsson - Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) (Sweden)
 Nolan Chu - Auburn University
 Angela A. Pitenis - University of Florida
 Maarten de Boer - Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
 Greg Sawyer – University of Florida (USA)
 Christopher Dellacorte - NASA Glenn Research (USA)
 Nic Spencer - ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
 Martin Dienwiebel -Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) (Germany)
 Anirudha V. Sumant - Argonne National Laboratory 
 Daniele Dini - Imperial College (United Kingdom)
 Eddy Tysoe – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (USA)
 Michael Dugger - Sandia National Laboratories (USA)  Janet Wong – Imperial College (United Kingdom)
 Aaron Greco – Argonne National Laboratory (USA)
 Kathryn Wahl – Naval Research Laboratory (USA)
 Gafurzhan M. Ismailov - Tomsk State Pedagogical University  Nicole Zander - Army Research Lab (USA)
 Robert L. Jackson - Auburn University  Jie Zhang - Imperial College London
 Peter W. Jacobs - ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research