Fundamentals and Applications of Tribology:
Friction, Wear and Lubrication

November 11, 2020
9:00 am – 12:00 pm CT

Tribology as an enabling science and technology has been instrumental in the rapid technological advances in the 20th century. All mechanical systems with moving parts rely on the principles of tribology for their design, operation, and maintenance. This short education course provides a quick overview of principles and applications of tribology. The course requires background in engineering or physical sciences, including basic courses in mathematics, applied mechanics, materials science, physics, and chemistry. At least a bachelor's degree in physical sciences (chemistry and physics) or in engineering (mechanical, materials, electrical, chemical) is required. The program is intended for those who need an appreciation of the tribology principles to solve practical problems that involve friction, wear and lubrication, or need this background information to interpret field or laboratory test results.

Tribology Frontiers Virtual Conference
Virtual Education Course
Sponsored by ASME Tribology Division

Dr. Said Jahanmir, President, Boston Tribology Associates
Dr. Lavern Wedeven, President, Wedeven Associates


  1. Introduction to Tribology and its Impact on Technological Developments (SJ and LW)
  2. Structure of Surfaces, and Contacts (SJ)
  3. Friction Theories and Models (SJ)
  4. Wear Models and Types (SJ)

    Break (10 min)

  5. Liquid and Solid Lubricants (SJ)
  6. Lubrication Principles and Bearing Design (LW)
  7. Lubrication of Rolling Element Bearings and Gears (LW)
  8. Failure Analysis and Case Studies (LW)
    Open discussions and Q/A
Course Format:
Each 15-minute module will be recorded prior to the date of delivery. Each module will be followed by a 5 min Q/A period. There will be a 10 min break. There will be a 10-15 minute open discussion and Q/A after the lectures. Presentation material will be available for download by course registrants.

STLE Recertification Credit
Course participants earn credit toward recertification for the STLE CLS, OMA and CMFS certifications

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