Tribology Frontiers Conference 2019 Abstract Categories

If your abstract does not fit into any of the topics below, select the topic that is the best fit so the reviewers can make a determination

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Topic 1 - Surface and interfaces

Physic of surfaces and interfaces
Controlling friction with engineering surfaces
Coatings and functional surfaces
Surface profiling and measurement
Computer modeling of surfaces and surface interactions
Contact mechanics

Topic 2 - Biotribology

Natural & biological interfaces
Bio-inspired interfaces
Biphasic materials
Synovial fluid simulation / characterization

Topic 3 - Fluid Lubrication

Boundary lubrication and thin films
Fluid film lubrication
Gas or two phase lubrication
Emerging trends in lubrication
Soft and super soft EHL
Hydrodynamic and elastohydrodynamic lubrication

Topic 4 - Lubricants

Physics of  fluids
Complex fluids
Novel lubricating fluids and additives
Nanoparticle additives

Topic 5 - Machine Elements and Systems

Machine components
Lubricated mechanical elements
Machine components durability
Bearing and gears
Mechanical systems

Topic 6 - Energy / Environment / Manufacturing

Fuel efficiency / environmental issues
Additives manufacturing & other innovative processes
Renewable energy generator

Topic 7 - Tribochemistry

Lubricant chemistry
Shear induced chemical reactions
Tribofilm formation
Computational molecular chemistry

Topic 8 - Materials Tribology

Composite materials
Wear of materials
Solid lubricants and coatings
Novel materials design