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MWF 130: Metal Treating, Cleaning and Protecting Fluids

October 01, 2013
Brian Hovik
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Annual Meeting Education Course Feature

Metalworking Fluids 130: Metal Treating, Cleaning and Protecting Fluids 

Course Chairs: John Burke CMFS, Houghton International, and Brian Hovik, The Boeing Company

Instructors: Suresh Patel, Dave Morrison, Dr. Scott Mackenzie, Dr. Neil Canter, E. Jon Schnellbacher, and Rick Butler

You're probably asking yourself the question "Why would STLE offer a course on metal treating, cleaning and protecting fluids?  What does that have to do with metalworking fluids and tribology?"  The answer lies in the details.  While processing parts using metalworking fluids there is a need for treating, cleaning and protecting parts with either chemicals and/or coatings.  Most if not all coolants and lubricants must be cleaned off of parts before they can be finished, treated and/or painted.  The chemical balance and compatibility between coolants and cleaners is critical to a good finished product.  In our production processes a lot of effort is dedicated to finding products and chemicals that can work together in concert with the high-performance coolants and cutting fluids to assure that parts are protected from corrosion during their lifetime.

Substrates are either immersed in these chemicals or products or have them applied during some point of the processing. This new course will cover heat treating; including oil and polymer quenching, cleaning parts and protecting parts from rust and corrosion. You will also earn the basics of metallurgy as it applies to heat treating and quenching. Cleaning will cover various types of surface contamination and technologies used to remove these contaminants. Metal protecting will cover wet applied chemistries, solvent and water based chemistries and dry film protective coatings.

This new and exciting course is intended for chemists, engineers, technical support staff, and field service technicians working with and using metalworking fluids.  The presenters are among the elite in the metalworking field.  You will learn how to control heat treating issues, strategies for cleaning simple and complex surfaces and methods of short and long term corrosion protection.  The student should leave with a better understanding of the interrelationship of coolants & lubricants and the treating, cleaning and protecting fluid's role in corrosion abating and prevention.

Brian Hovik is a Senior Engineer at Boeing. You can find his contact information in our membership database. More information on the AM Education Courses will be posted in the coming months.

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