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Member Renewal Rewards

New bonus for renewing your membership before it expires!

Starting in the month of May 2011, all individual members who renew online before their due date will now be entered into a drawing to receive a free webinar or online short course! When you renew before your due date, you will automatically be entered into that month’s drawing. When your name is drawn, we will contact you to let you know and you will be asked to specify which webinar or short course you’d like to register or sign up for and we will add it to your products, free of charge. What’s more, you can even earn Education Credits from your attendance or participation in these online opportunities.* We will have a new drawing each month for those who have renewed online and in advance of their due date in that month. Those who are chosen may be featured in our weekly newsletter!

Winners: see who's won and what they have to say about it here.

Overview: see what it takes to get entered - hint: it's an easy, one-step process!

  1. Renew your membership within the one month time period prior to your membership expiration.This time period starts from the date a bill is generated, or one month prior to membership expiration. The time period extends to your “Paid Thru Date,” which you can find on your profile when you are logged into your account on the www.stle.org homepage. You must renew on or before your Paid Thru Date. You will not be entered into the drawing if you renew the day after your Paid Thru Date.
  2. Once you renew according to the above, you are automatically entered into that month’s drawing. You may only be entered in one drawing per year. Drawings will take place after the last day of each month. 
  3. We will notify you within a week if your name is chosen, either by email or phone. You will then have one week to respond and choose your webinar or course (you must contact us by the 15th of the given month following the drawing). For example, if your renewal date is up in May, you must renew within the month (before the Paid Thru Date). Names are drawn end at the of May. You will be notified if you've won by the first week in June, and you will need to respond by June 15 to receive your reward, or another name will be chosen.
  4. If your name is drawn, you can then browse our offerings and choose your webinar (archived or upcoming live event**) or online short course. To receive your reward, fill out the Renewal Rewards Form and return it to us either via email or fax. This is also due by the 15th of the month. Do not register yourself for an event or course and then contact us. This reward cannot be applied to previously purchased courses or webinars.
  5. We also ask that you provide some information about yourself. Information we will request is: a photo of yourself, a short bio, and 1-2 sentences on winning and thoughts on your STLE membership (i.e. why you joined, why you've remained a member, benefits, etc.). It's a quick way for us to acknowledge and thank you for your membership and make sure all our members know about this great opportunity.
  6. We will add it to your products and you can enjoy your course or archived webinar immediately or attend your webinar on the day of the event.
  7. Enjoy! This is our thank you for renewing before your membership becomes due!

* See the individual course or event listing for details.
**If you choose an upcoming webinar to attend, you must let us know before the registration deadline (see each event for the deadline). Online courses are available 24/7, so you just need to let us know which one you’d like and we can add it to your products.

Renewal Rewards Form

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