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Falex Presents – Chapter 2: Grease Testing – The Falex Way with Mike Anderson, Dirk Drees, & 
Emmanuel Georgiou  
Reducing friction and wear under normal and high stress conditions is the most important function of a lubricating grease.   But for different applications, different test methods are needed.  In gears, for example, greases have to endure high stresses, in a journal bearing it could be more important to have long wear protection.  As a result, a variety of test methods and related standards exist.  

Test instruments by Falex Corporation are used in laboratories, worldwide, for product development and quality control of greases.   Performance requirements based on these test results are included in product specification literature for marketing and purchasing.  

This presentation will highlight laboratory test equipment and services available from Falex for measuring tribological properties of greases and is intended for grease developers, lab managers and technicians.
  Included is an overview of standardized grease testing methods as well as a few custom application test methods from our research laboratory.  Specialized testing illustrates how particular applications may need specially designed test methods to select the most appropriate grease.