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Here, you will find brief stories on new members and sponsors that have just joined or been active in the MGAM Campaign. If you'd like to be included, send us an email at information@stle.org along with a short (1-2 paragraph) biosketch, and photo. If you're a sponsor, tell us why you got involved with the campaign and your experience so far, how and why you first got involved with STLE, and why you stay a member. If you're a new member, tell us why you joined, what you like about your membership so far, and why you'd recommend STLE membership to others.


These folks are a great example of how easy it is to get involved in the campaign. Use our directory to contact them to get some good tips, discuss their membership experience, or just meet someone new!

James Arner
Svajus (Joseph) Asadauskas
Todd Aschbrenner
Edward Austin
Michael Blackmon
Jean Bouyer
Matthew Butterfield
Brad Carlson
Sonya Coleman
Douglas Daniels
Mike Deckert
Matt DeCourcelle
Mark Devlin
Daniel Dickrell
Joseph Downie
Michael Duncan
John Eastwood
Robert Erck
Selda Gunsel

Ajay Harinarain
Paul Hetherington
Greg Kostrzewsky
Peter Lee - Winner of an iPad2!
James Long
Chris McFetridge
Neil Miller
Edward Myers
Ann Pardy
Ken Pelczarski
Joseph Perez
Anthony Piccola
Kevin Ratliff
John Sunne
Tony Stranges - Winner of an iPad2!
David Turner
Arthur Vogel
Samuel Wolfe

New Members

Take the time to send them a welcome email (look them up in our directory), and invite them to get involved with the campaign as sponsors. New members, you can also use the directory to look up and contact other new members to start networking right away!

Donn Bacon
Michael Baker
Carl Bennett
Sanker Bhadhavath
Noel Brunetiere
Matthew Butterfield
Richard Clark
Charles Davis
Matthew DeCourcelle
Andrew Dobrzanski
Matthew Dudley
Sevim Erhan
Jeffrey Fink
Greg Forsythe-Maderak
Valerie Fuentes
Joel Graves
Tim Hulleman
Sean Komatinsky
Sue Littles -
Winner of an iPod Nano!
Joe Luthern
Miles Manthey
Jeff Marois

Cary Maxwell
Rahul Meshram
Jacob Neubauer
Peter Neufeld - Winner of an iPod Nano!
Jeffery Neurauther
Christopher Nottingham
Sean O’Malley
Ilya Piraner
Ryan Posler
Robert Pratt
Mitzi Pullins
Ron Reiniger
Brian Rhode
Daniel Roberts
Luciano Roppo
Shanna Simmons
Robert Stepan
Jerry Still
Navdeep Swach
Mukesh Vyas
Ben Weber



Featured Member Highlights

Dr. Peter M. Lee - winner of our first iPad2 giveaway!

Current Position: RAEng/EPSRC Research Fellow, University of Leeds, Leeds, U.K.

New Position: Tribologist, Principal Engineer, Fuels and Lubricants Division, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX, U.S.A.

Bio: When I left school I trained as a motor vehicle technician and worked for a number of years servicing and repairing vehicles, including running my own business for a period of time. I eventually sold the business and went to the University of Leeds in the UK to study for an MEng(Hons) in Automotive Engineering.  Having obtained this I then stayed on to undertake a PhD at Leeds with Prof. Martin Priest and sponsored by Shell. The study was 'Lubricant Degradation, Transport and the Link to Piston Assembly Tribology'. Once the PhD was completed I was successful in being awarded a prestigious 5 year Reserach Fellowship funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering titled 'The Tribological Investigation of Modern Automotive Engines for Improved Fuel Economy and Lowered Emissions'. This work was undertaken using the facilities at the University of Leeds and internationally presented and published.  With this Fellowship coming to an end this year I began looking for a new position and have been hired by Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas where I will be moving with my wife and four children later this year. I will be working at Southwest within the Fuels and Lubricants division, but available to help other divisions with tribological problems.  This is an exciting and challenging career move for me.

The new member that I introduced to STLE is the Director of the Fuels and Lubricants division at Southwest, Ben Weber, who came to his first STLE conference in May this year. 

When asked about winning, Dr. Lee responded, "[It's] fantastic - I rarely win anything and I can see a real use for this both at work and at home, but would never have parted with any money to buy one!"

His comments about being involved with STLE: "I have been to every Annual STLE conference since 2004 and have found them to be very informative and useful.  It is also a fantastic opportunity for networking and almost certainly led to my new position at SwRI."


Peter Neufeld - winner of our first iPod Nano giveaway!

Current Position: Lubrication and Reliability Specialist, FluidLife, Alberta (Canada)

Bio: Peter is a Third Class Power Engineer with a Certificate in Gas Plant Operations.  Prior to joining Fluid Life, Peter gained valuable practical experience as a Chemical Plant Operator before moving into the Oil and Gas industry operating both in the Field and in the Plant for over seven years. He obtained Fourth and Third Class Power Engineering status from the National Alberta Institue of Technology. He previously gained field experience operating a remote Oil Battery in northern British Columbia for Nexen Energy, serving as a Field Operator for CNRL near Grande Prairie, serving as a Plant Operator for Dow Chemical in Fort. Saskatchewan, including being an active member of the Emergency Response team, (industrial fire-fighting, high angle rescue, confined space rescue etc.), and serving as a Field/Plant Operator for AltaGas services, throughout various plants in Central Alberta. 


 David Turner - Sponsor

Current Position: Lubricants Technical Advisor, Shell Global Solutions, Westhollow Technology Center, Texas (USA)

Bio: David Turner is a graduate of Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, holding a BS degree in Chemical Engineering.  He has more than 29 years of experience in the lubricants industry, primarily in grease formulation and grease manufacturing.  He is a member of STLE and ASTM, and has authored several papers for NLGI.  He is the recipient of the NLGI Clarence E. Earl Memorial Award, the ASTM Award of Excellence, the NLGI Meritorious Service Award, and the NLGI Fellows Award.  He is an NLGI Certified Lubricating Grease Specialist (CLGS), an STLE Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA),  and an STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS).

His comments about being involved with the MGAM Campaign: I got involved with the STLE membership campaign through a colleague who was interested in obtaining CLS certification.  I encouraged him to join STLE before taking the CLS exam, which he did, naming me as his sponsor. 

His thoughts on being an STLE member: I got involved with STLE to keep informed about advancements in the lubricants field and to network with others in the lubrication industry in my area.  I have become more involved with the organization as time has passed, and enjoy being a member of STLE.

Ron Reiniger - New Member

 Technical Service Advisor, Petro-Canada, Alberta, Canada

He works to ensure Mining Customers open gear and grease lube systems are maintained for proper product performance and consumption. He's been in the industry for 15 years. Has worked on Cross Training Shovel Lube Systems to other TSAs, and has kept current with training of new automated lubricant systems on mining equipment.

I joined STLE for the education that is accessible to gain my CLS certification. I also joined to make other member contacts in order to network on lubrication issues and keep current on future lubrication technology.


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