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Member-Get-A-Member Campaign Resources

On this page, you will find links to help get you started when talking with and recruiting new members. If you want hard copies of any resources, please contact us at (847) 825-5536 or at information@stle.org.

Potential Member Resources/Handouts

Sponsor Resources/Materials

  • Recruitment Tips: best practices for recruiters who want to be involved with the campaign.
  • Sample Email: Use this form letter to send an email to a potential member, remembering to add your personal touches, which could include your Member Story, the reason you've stayed at STLE, or your involvement. It couldn't be quicker or easier than that! Be sure to include the Top 10 list and the Membership Application to make it as easy as possible to join. Hint: Send the email with other attachments catered to the potential member's interests - for example, if they want to get certified, send them that brochure. The more you tailor your message to their interests, the more likely it is that they will see the value of joining and become a member!
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