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STLE Annual Meeting Sponsorship Opportunities

69th Annual Meeting & Exhibition
May 8-22, 2014
Disney's Contemporary Resort
Lake Buena Vista, FL

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Contact: Tracy Nicholas VanEe
630-922-3459,  tnicholas@stle.org

Sponsoring an event at STLE's Annual Meeting & Exhibition is a great way for your organization to connect with some 1,500 top lubrication professionals. By sponsoring an event, your organization demonstrates that it is an industry leader and is looking to do business with key decision makers in the lubricants business.

All sponsorships include the following exposure benefits:

  • Listing in the Annual Meeting Program Guide distributed on site at the conference.
  • Listing on signage throughout the Annual Meeting.
  • Listing in the May and June issues of TLT, STLE's monthly technical magazine that reaches some 7,000 leading lubrication professionals monthly. The June TLT has a bonus circulation of 1,500 copies distributed on site at the conference.
  • Listing on the Welcoming Party slide presentation and on continuous-loop Power Point displays shown during all five days of the meeting.

Regardless of your organization's resources in these challenging times, STLE offers a sponsorship level that allows you to show your support of the lubrication industry's premier event.
Sponsorship opportunities are at the following levels:

Paladium: $4,000
Titanium Plus:
$3,000 plus cost of the sponsorship
Titanium: $3,000
Platinum Plus: $2,000 plus cost of the sponsorship
Platinum: $2,000
Gold Plus: More than $1,000
Gold: $1,000
Silver: $500
Bronze: Under $500  

To learn more about these opportunities to make a purchase, contact Tracy Nicholas VanEe at 630-922-3459


Registration Materials Bags $3,000 and costs (Titanium Plus)
One of the best sponsorships in terms of quality, long-term exposure. Each of the 1,500 registered attendees receives a bag and carries it throughout the conference. These are high-quality bags designed for long-term usage. Depending on the quality and type of bag selected, the total cost of this sponsorship ranges from $5,000 to $15,000.

Badge Lanyards $2,000 and costs (Platinum Plus)
Let Annual Meeting attendees wear your company's name and serve as "walking advertisements" for your company throughout the meeting.

Personal Itinerary Planner $3,000 (Titanium)
With more than 300 technical sessions to choose from, plus 10 education courses, networking events and personal/corporate meetings, planning an itinerary for a meeting as complex as STLE's can be a daunting task. That challenge now has been simplified through the Personal Itinerary Planner (PIP). The PIP is a personal planning tool occupying five pages (one for each day of the conference) in the magazine-sized Program Guide. Each page of the planner has the day broken out in 30-minute slots so an attendee can use the Program Guide to review all Annual Meeting events, make individual selections and then create an itinerary indicating where he or she should be every minute of the conference. If preferred, the PIP can be a stand-alone 4-9-inch pocket-sized piece (Titanium Plus). Either way, your organization's logo appears on each page. Attendees will refer to their PIPs continuously during all five days of the meeting, keeping your organization's logo in constant view.

Welcoming Party  (Sponsorship levels from $100 to more than $3,000)
An Annual Meeting favorite and a great business-networking event. Attendees come to talk business and enjoy friendly conversation and entertainment. This event is open to all sponsorship levels and is a great way to show your support for STLE.

President's Luncheon $3,000 (Titanium)
The President's Luncheon is an excellent way to reach a captive audience of more than 800 people at the Annual Meeting. Exposure benefits include signage outside the door of the banquet hall and your company's logo on the table Program Cards.

Annual Meeting Program Guide Bookmark $3,000 and costs (Titanium Plus)
Annual Meeting attendees refer to the 200-page Program Guide non-stop during the five days they are in Lake Buena Vista. This 2x7-inch bookmark comes inside each guide, which attendees refer to dozens of times a day as they mark pages. The bookmark will contain your company's name, logo and message on both sides. You can supply the bookmark (sponsorship fee only), or we can create it for you (sponsorship fee plus production and printing costs).

Refreshment Breaks $3,000 (Titanium)
Served in the exhibit hall and lounge, these coffee and soft drink breaks offer excellent exposure for your company through added signage posted at the stations themselves.

Educational Materials $3,000 (Titanium)
Notebooks are distributed to the nearly 250 attendees who sign up for 10 world-class educational courses. Notebook sponsorship provides exposure during the Annual Meeting and afterward as the materials are referenced time and time again. Exposure benefits include a full-page, four-color advertisement in the notebooks.

Speakers Breakfast  $2,000 (Platinum)
The Speakers Breakfast can be sponsored as a series held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Between 75-150 high-level decision-makers attend each breakfast.

Download Sponsor Form here

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