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STLE Commercial Marketing Forum 2015

STLE’S 2014 Commercial Marketing Forum timeslots are currently sold out and a wait list has been started. If you are interested in reserving a timeslot, please contact STLE National Sales Manager Tracy Nicholas VanEe at 630-922-3459, tnicholas@stle.org.

The CMF is a commercial opportunity for companies to present their products and services and is separate from the non-commercial technical-paper presentations. Handouts are permitted at CMF presentations.

Audience: The CMF is open to all registered STLE Annual Meeting attendees. An abstract of your presentation appears in the Annual Meeting Program Guide, distributed on site at the meeting.

Timing: Half-hour segments consist of 20-minute presentations and 10-minute Q&As. Approximately 24 slots are available. Limit three slots per company without permission from the society.

Registration classifications and associated fees
Corporate Member with Exhibit: $ 410.00
Corporate Member: $ 550.00
Individual Member: $ 690.00
Non-Member: $ 770.00

Abstract Submission:  Please submit your abstract by March 15th as a Word Document in order to be included in the Program Book.  Send your digital file to Mhedland@stle.org

In the event of a cancellation, STLE will refund the company’s money, less a $75 administrative fee, if we re-sell the time slot. If STLE cannot re-sell the slot, no refund is granted.

Deadline: Due to heavy demand for CMF time slots, you are advised to register now.  Submit your application by Nov. 1, 2013 to obtain the best slots. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until all space is filled. Application must be accompanied by credit card payment to be valid.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact: Tracy Nicholas VanEe at (630) 922-3459

For a full roster of presentations, click here:  CMF2015


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