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With more than 500 technical-paper presentations to choose from at STLE’s 69th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, May 18-22 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida (about 19 miles from Orlando), a major concern for attendees is scheduling conflicts, as they sometimes miss presentations that they would like to hear or cannot share the contents with their colleagues that are unable to attend the meeting.

In an effort to provide attendees with the opportunity of not missing a presentation, we encourage speakers to submit a 2-3 page Extended Abstract of your presentation. In addition to the 2-3 page abstract, speakers may also wish to include handout materials. Both abstracts and handouts must be converted as a PDF attachment before submission.

To participate, please submit the following materials:

1. Create a brief 2-3 page summary of your presentation (Click here for sample template). Please make sure to include your technical track or category and keywords from your original abstract.

2. If you also wish to submit handouts, convert materials as a PDF attachment before submission.

3. Convert your Extended Abstract and any handouts (if applicable) as a PDF attachment and email to: presentations@stle.org and include 2014 Extended Abstracts into the subject line of your message.

At this time, speakers can still submit their Extended Abstracts of their presentations before the STLE annual conference, as well as during and even after the meeting to allow more of your colleagues to benefit from your presentation. If you have questions about submitting your presentation, please contact Karl Phipps, (847) 825-5536, kphipps@stle.org.  

At previous meetings, STLE has provided Extended Abstracts of the presentations on a CD. This year, the presentations will be made available to attendees through the STLE Annual Meeting Mobile App (sponsored by Sea-Land Chemical Co.) To download the app, click here. Or scan the QR code below. In addition, you can also check for updates in the app as more presentations will be added and available during the meeting.

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