Basic Handbook of Lubrication - Alberta Section - SB
Basic Handbook of Lubrication - Alberta Section - SB


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ISBN No. 978-0-9732924-1-1
Publication Date: March 2011
Number of pages: 360
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Edited by STLE's Alberta Section

The third edition of the Basic Handbook of Lubrication just could be the only reference you need to understand tribology fundamentals. Compiled and edited by the Alberta Section, the handbook is a comprehensive, 360-page book featuring updated material from 25 contributors.

Focus is on practical information for people working on the shop floor or laboratory. Intended for both established veterans and newcomers to lubrication engineering. Chapters include: friction and lubrication regimes, oil viscosity and selection guide, mineral and synthetic base oils, additives, bearing lubrication, engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic fluids and system components, air compressor lubrication, electric motor bearing lubrication, turbine oils, refrigeration system lubrication, grease basics, solid-film lubricants, metalworking fluids, environmentally friendly lubricants, filtration, seal basics, wear types, condition monitoring for industry, a guide to purchasing lubricants and much more.

Excellent study reference for STLE's CLS and OMA (I&II) certifications.
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