Share your 2019 STLE Annual Meeting Presentations with an Extended Abstract

Each year STLE’s annual meeting is known for its exceptional technical content, with dozens of technical sessions and more than 500 presentations to choose from. With so much programming options, a major concern for attendees is scheduling conflicts, as they miss presentations that they would like to hear or cannot share materials with their colleagues who are unable to attend the meeting.

In an effort to provide attendees with the opportunity of not missing a presentation, speakers/presenters are kindly invited to submit an optional 2-3 page extended abstract or provide digital copies of their presentation slides. All extended abstracts or presentation slides should be submitted electronically as a PDF file.

Extended abstracts and presentation slides from the conference will be made available to attendees and posted on the STLE website ( and the Annual Meeting Section of the STLE 365 App.

Submission Deadline

STLE recommends that all speakers/presenters submit extended abstracts or presentation slides to Karl Phipps at We will also kindly accept extended abstracts and/or presentation slides both during and after the Annual Meeting as well. Materials submitted will be posted on the STLE website and the 365 app to allow attendees to benefit from your presentation.

Sample Template & Guidelines (Extended Abstracts)

• A Microsoft Word template with guidelines is available to help in the preparation of extended abstracts. Click here to access the template with guidelines.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email Karl Phipps at