2021 STLE Award Recipients

STLE would like to congratulate the following individuals for their outstanding technical achievements in the field of tribology and lubrication. This year’s award recipients will be recognized during the 2021 STLE Virtual Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

Publishing Awards
Given in recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of tribology and lubrication. All publishing awards are for papers printed in Tribology Transactions, STLE’s peer-reviewed journal.

Edmond E. Bisson Award
Steven J. Thrush, U.S. Army CCDC GVSC (USA)
Allen S. Comfort, U.S. TARDEC (USA)
James S. Dusenbury, U.S. Army CCDC GVSC (USA)
Yuzan Xiong, Oakland University (USA)
Hongwei Qu, Oakland University (USA)
Xue Han, Oakland University (USA)
J. David Schall, Oakland University (USA)
Gary C. Barber, Oakland University (USA)
Xia Wang, Oakland University (USA)

“Stability, Thermal Conductivity, Viscosity, and Tribological Characterization of Zirconia Nanofluids as a Function of Nanoparticle Concentration” (2020, Vol. 63(1), pp. 68-76)

Frank P. Bussick Award
Jinbo Jiang, Zhejiang University of Technology (P.R. China)
Xudong Peng, Zhejiang University of Technology (P.R. China)
Cong Zong, Zhejiang University of Technology (P.R. China)
Wenjing Zhao, Zhejiang University of Technology (P.R. China)
Yuan Chen, Zhejiang University of Technology (P.R. China)
Jiyun Li, Zhejiang University of Technology (P.R. China)

“Enhancing Film Stiffness of Spiral Groove Dry Gas Seal via Shape Modification at Low Speed: Numerical Results and Experiment” (2019, Vol. 62(6), pp. 931-942)

Walter D. Hodson Award
Benjamin M. Fry, Imperial College London (United Kingdom)
Gareth Moody, Croda Europe Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Hugh Spikes, Imperial College London (United Kingdom)
Janet S. Wong, Imperial College London (United Kingdom)

“Effect of Surface Cleaning on Performance of Organic Friction Modifiers” (2020, Vol. 63(2), pp. 305-313)

Wilbur Deutsch Memorial Award
Jens E. Johansson, Luleå University of Technology (Sweden)
Mark T. Devlin, Afton Chemical Corporation (USA)
Jeffrey M. Guevremont, Afton Chemical Corporation (USA)
Braham Prakash, Luleå University of Technology (Sweden)

“Improving Hypoid Gear Oil Pitting Performance Through Friction Reduction” (2020, Vol. 63(2), pp. 280-295)

Captain Alfred E. Hunt Award
Alexis Bonetto, Univ. Lyon, INSA-Lyon (France)
Daniel Nélias, Univ. Lyon, INSA-Lyon (France)
Thibaut Chaise, Univ. Lyon, INSA-Lyon (France)
Laurent Zampon, Univ. Lyon, INSA-Lyon (France)

“A Coupled Euler-Lagrange Model for More Realistic Simulation of Debris Denting in Rolling Element Bearings” (2019, Vol. 62(5), pp. 760-778)

Al Sonntag Award
Charles Miller, University of Arkansas (USA)
Dipankar Choudhury, University of Arkansas (USA)
Min Zou, University of Arkansas (USA)

“The Effects of Surface Roughness on the Durability of Polydopamine/PTFE Solid Lubricant Coatings on NiTiNOL 60” (2019, Vol. 62(5), pp. 919-929)


STLE International Award
Dr. Ali Erdemir, Texas A&M University (USA)

P.M. Ku Meritorious Award
Dr. Martin Webster, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering (retired) (USA)

Vic Joll Award
Ken Brown (STLE Toronto Section), Eco Fluid Center Ltd. (Canada)

Raymond L. Thibault Excellence in Education Award
Daniel Holdmeyer, Chevron Lubricants (retired) (USA)

2021 STLE Fellows
Dr.  David Burris, University of Delaware (USA)
Dr. Daniele Dini, Imperial College London (United Kingdom)
Dr. Mathias Woydt, MATRILUB (Germany)

2020 STLE Fellows
Dr. Vasilios Bakolas, Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG (Germany)
Dr. Seong Kim, The Pennsylvania State University (USA)
Dr. Ashlie Martini, University of California, Merced (USA)

Outstanding STLE Local Sections
STLE Detroit
STLE Hamilton
STLE Lower Ohio River Valley

STLE Local Section Achievement Awards
STLE Houston
STLE Philadelphia
STLE Toronto


The Elmer E. Klaus Fellowship
Eliane Gendreau, Imperial College London (United Kingdom)

The E. Richard Booser Scholarship
Brenden Miller, Gonzaga University (USA)

The Jeanie S. McCoy Scholarship
Jamie Benson, University of Delaware (USA)


Kazi Istiaque Alam, University of Delaware (USA)

Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr. Xin He, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)

Academic Professional
Dr. Filippo Mangolini, University of Texas at Austin (USA)

Industry Professional
Dr. Suvrat Bhargava, TE Connectivity (USA)