Lead Retrieval Instructions for STLE 365 Mobile App

Welcome to the STLE 365 Mobile App. Here is a quick run through of how to use the FREE lead retrieval system built into our mobile app. The STLE 365 App is completely free and can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. Or download using the HTML auto-detect link: www.tripbuildermedia.com/apps/stle365.  

(Please note instructions are for an Apple iPhone device. Instructions are pretty much the same for an Android Device, with slight variations.) 

You will need to sign-in using your STLE member ID and password. If you are an STLE non-member or do not have an account you will need to create an account through the app as a non-member.

Now that you have downloaded the app and are signed-in lets walk through how to access and use the lead retrieval system.

When you first enter the app you will see the home screen of the 365 portion. To find meeting information you will need to click on the Event Apps icon.

Both STLE conferences will be listed. Click on STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition to find all details.



Event app features include:
1. Social Feed – Private social network for the app. Also access to other STLE Social media sites.
2. Schedule – View the entire technical program and plan your personal meeting itinerary for the STLE Annual Meeting and Tribology Frontiers Conference (held in October).
3. Speakers – Find the speakers list for the STLE Annual Meeting.
4. Floor plans – Find maps of the Omni Nashville Hotel to help you navigate the Annual Meeting.
5. Attendees – See who is attending
6. Sponsors – Find sponsor details
7. Exhibitors – See who is exhibiting
8. Find information about the event location including places to visit, where to eat, and weather information.
9. For exhibitors, use the Scan Badge feature to keep track of all your leads from the Annual Meeting.

To access the FREE lead retrieval system click on Scan Badge. This will activate the bar code scanner. Please allow the STLE365 app access to your device’s camera function.

All STLE attendees will have a QR Code included on their name badges, very similar to the one on the left. Give it a try. Open scan badge and hover your camera over the QR code.

The scan is automatic. Simply wave camera phone over QR code and you will capture the attendee information.

Lead Information includes:
1. Name, 2. Title, 3. Company, 4. Email, 5. Phone 

If scanned correctly you will then see contact information for your lead. Also, here you can add any notes and set qualifiers. Click save to continue.


Please make sure to save your leads otherwise they will not be stored. Click save at the top right have corner of the page to store lead information.

Once you click save you will be redirected to the “My Leads” page.

MyLeads is where all your leads will be stored.
You can access the MyLeads page from the event apps home screen by following these steps.
From the events app home screen click MyEvent > MyLeads

MyLeads additional menu features:

1. Back Arrow - The back arrow will take you back to the camera function to continue taking leads.
2. Dotted Box – The dotted box will take you back to the App Home Screen
3. Filter - Use the filter function to group your hot or cold leads.
4. Edit - Use Edit to delete any unwanted leads

How to export leads?
Now that you have collected all your leads from the show here is how you export the list.

From the events app home screen go to MyEvent. On the MyEvent Page click the export/share button on the top right hand corner. (Please note that your export/share button may look different if you are using Android device)

Click the export/share button.




Select MyLeads and click send to email your list of leads. Please note the export will be in CSV file format that can be opened with Excel.

If you have any questions with the lead retrieval system, please contact Bruce Murgueitio at bmurgueitio@stle.org.