2019 STLE Extended Abstracts & Presentations

The technical program for the 2019 STLE Annual Meeting in Nashville featured more than 500 presentations by researchers, practitioners and students working in the field of tribology and lubrication engineering. STLE has made an effort to encourage authors to submit summaries or "Extended Abstracts" of their papers. In some cases, authors have also provided digital copies of their technical presentation slides. STLE 2019 papers listed below are available to download in the following technical categories. Additional papers will be posted, as they become available from authors that have granted STLE permission to post their materials from the meeting. Please be sure to bookmark this page to download available papers from the 2019 STLE Annual Meeting.

Authors can still submit Extended Abstracts or provide digital copies of their presentation slides to allow attendees to benefit from presentations that they might have missed or were unable to attend the Annual Meeting. For submission requirements, please click here or email materials to Karl Phipps at presentations@stle.org

(Last updated as of September 26, 2019) 

2D Materials (Materials Tribology and Nanotribology Joint Session)

No papers at this time

Annual Meeting Discussion Roundtables Session

Discussion Roundtables Wrap Up


No papers at this time

Commercial Marketing Forum

ChemGroup Delivers Huntsman Surfactants Advantages for MWF Applications
LANXESS: Additin
® RC 3502 - New Organic Friction Modifier Additive
OXEA Chemicals: Advantages of Synthetic Ester Base Oils - Reasons for Growth

Condition Monitoring

Bridging the Gap: Filter Debris Analysis
Lubrication Asset Management
A New Approach to Onsite Oil Analysis for Industry 4.0

Contact Mechanics

Feasibility Study of Impedance Analysis for Measuring Rolling Bearing Loads
Method for Calculating the Contact Between Roller End Face and Ring Rib of Roller Bearinx in Multi-Body Simulations

Engine and Drivetrain

Experimental Research on the Tribological Performance of Laser Textured Cylinder Liner
Friction and Wear Investigations on Chain Joints of Timing Chains
Motor Oil, Fuel Economy and Real Driving Emissions in the Era of E-Mobility
Non-Invasive Monitoring of Free Surface Thin Film Layer Spread Using an Ultrasonic Continuously Repeated Chirp Longitudinal Wave

Engine and Drivetain (Special Program on Electric Vehicles)

Challenges and Outlooks for Transmission Fluids in Electric Vehicles

Environmentally Friendly Fluids

Evaluation of Water Soluble Polymers for Aqueous Lubricants
Soybean Oil: Lubricating Performance

Fluid Film Bearings

On the Effect of Journal Kinematics on the Force Coefficients of a Test Squeeze Film Damper Supplied with an Air in Oil Mixture
On the Static Load Performance of a Large Size, Heavily Loaded Spring Supported Thrust Bearing


A Model for the Formation and Wear of Oxide Tribofilms on Aerospace Steels under High-Speed Boundary Lubrication Conditions
Development of a CEC-Pitting Test Method for Gear Lubricants - Measures to Reduce Scattering and Micropitting Generation in Gear Pitting Tests

Industrial Gear Oil Models Based on High-Viscosity Naphthenic Base Oils and Viscosity Index Improvers


Effect of Rheological Properties of Grease on Rotational Torque of Ball Bearings Caused by Stirring Resistance
Simulation of Grease Flow in Speed Reducer of Robot
Use of High Temperature Oven Aging to Determine COF of Candidate Greases as Oil Loss within the Grease Occurred

Joint STLE/CTI Symposium on Frontiers of Tribology Research

New Advances in Superlubricity

Lubrication Fundamentals

Effects of Bearing Material Choice and Engine Oil Viscosity on Journal Bearing Durability in Stop/Start Environments
Frictional and Wear Behaviors of Ionic Liquid Additives for Drilling Fluids

Fuel Economy Low Viscosity Engine Oil Compatible with Low Speed Pre-Ignition Performance
Proposals to Improve the Viscosity Index Method, ASTM D2270
The Tribological Characteristics of Selected Base Oils under Oscillatory Sliding Conditions
Traction Curves and Rheological Properties of Several Lubricating Fluids

Materials Tribology (including Solid Lubricants)

No papers at this time

Metalworking Fluids

High Oil Emulsions for MWFs Based on Heavy Naphthenic Base Oils
Substitution of Zinc Stearate in Cold Extrusion Processes


Molecular Behaviors in Thin Film Lubrication
PEI-RGO Nanosheets as a Nanoadditive for Enhancing the Tribological Properties of Water-Based Lubricants

Nonferrous Metals

No papers at this time

Power Generation

Evaluation of Turbine Oil Performance
High Performance New Hybrid Turbine Oil Made by Mineral Oil and PAG

Understanding EHC Fluid Condition Monitoring

Rolling Element Bearings

Analysis of Material Defects in Relation to Different Damage Mechanisms
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Hydraulic Losses in Rolling Bearings
Investigations on Cage Dynamics in Rolling Bearings by Test and Simulation

"Relieving the Pain" - Dental Bearings with Tilt Compensation
Structure Change of Cementite Just Below the Sliding Surface on Ball Bearings
The Evolution of Dark Etching Regions and White Etching Bands in Bearing Steel Due to Rolling Contact Fatigue


Effect of Combined Mechanical Stress and Salt Spray Aging on Dynamic Friction Behavior of O Rings

Surface Engineering (including Hard Coatings)

Friction Properties of Milling Micro-Textured Surface on Al-Si Alloy under Sliding Boundary Conditions
Mastering the Art of Honing
Numerical and Experimental Studies on Friction Reduction by Surface Modification in TEHL Contacts
The Effect of Graphene as Additive on the Anti-Corrosion of Polyurethane Coatings

Synthetic and Hydraulic Lubricants

Naphthenic Base Oils for High Performance, High Viscosity Index Hydraulic Fluids Applications

Testing in Soft Tribology (Tribotesting and Biotribology Joint Session)

No papers at this time

Tribochemistry (Materials Tribology and Nanotribology Joint Session)

No papers at this time

Tribology of Biomaterials (Biotribology and Materials Joint Session)

No papers at this time


A Study on Viscosity and Lubricity Effects of N-Butanol and its Mixtures in Oil
Development of a Test Procedure, System and Process for High Throughput Tribological Testing of Used Oil Samples as Part of a Condition Monitoring Protocol

Erosion-Corrosion of Heat-Exchanger Materials by Water/Ethylene-Glycol/Alumina Nanofluids
Pump Failures: A Laboratory Method to Distinguish Between Lack of Lubricity and Presence of Abrasive Nanoparticles
Scuffing Performance of Low-Viscosity Gear Oil Containing ZrO2 Nanocrystals
Testing the Wear Life of Sandpaper


A Study on Wear Effects from Methyl-Ester in Oil Mixtures
Effects of Unevenly Worn Cage Pockets on the Service Life of a Solid Lubricated Rolling Bearing

Wind Turbine Tribology

A Study of Microstructure Changes Present in White Structure Flaking Failures of Wind Turbine Bearings Through High Pressure Torsion Tests
Effect of Lubricant Stability on White Etching Area Evolution Under Severe Dynamic Load Sliding Contact