STLE Commercial Marketing Forum

The STLE Commercial Marketing Forum (CMF) is a commercial opportunity for companies to present their products and services, and is separate from the non-commercial technical-paper presentations given at the annual meeting. Handouts are permitted at CMF presentations. The CMF audience is comprised of registered STLE Annual Meeting attendees. An abstract of CMF presentations appears in the Annual Meeting Program Guide distributed on site at the meeting.

Timing: Half-hour segments consist of 20-minute presentations and 10-minute Q&As. Approximately 24 slots are available (limit three slots, per company, without permission from the society). Presenters must sign into the STLE website to register. Once you sign in, please select your classification and time slots.

Abstract Submission: Please submit your abstract by March 15, 2017, as a Word document, in order to be included in the Annual Meeting Program Guide. Send your digital file to
Cancellation: In the event of a cancellation, STLE will refund the company’s money, less a $75 administrative fee, if we resell the time slot. If STLE cannot resell the slot, no refund is granted. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until all space is filled. Application must be accompanied by credit card payment to be valid. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Tracy Nicholas VanEe at (630) 922-3459 or email
PresentingTime slot
Chevron Phillips Chemical CompanyMonday 8:30 AM
The Dow Chemical CompanyMonday 9:00 AM
Functional Products Inc.Monday 9:30 AM
SongwonMonday 1:30 PM
ExxonMobil Chemical CompanyMonday 2:00 PM
Kao Chemicals GmbHMonday 2:30 PM
LANXESS CorporationMonday 4:00 PM
ANGUS Chemical CompanyMonday 4:30 PM
Evonik Oil Additives USA, Inc.Monday 5:00 PM
BASF CorporationMonday 5:30 PM
Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLCTuesday 8:00 AM
Chevron Phillips Chemical CompanyTuesday 8:30 AM
Sea-Land Chemical CompanyTuesday 9:00 AM
Lockhart Chemical CompanyTuesday 9:30 AM
Croda Inc.Tuesday 10:30 AM
King Industries, Inc.Tuesday 11:00 AM
MunzingTuesday 11:30 AM
Afton Chemical CorporationTuesday 2:00 PM
Afton Chemical CorporationTuesday 2:30 PM
LANXESS CorporationTuesday 4:00 PM
Eastman Chemical CompanyTuesday 4:30 PM
Evonik Oil Additives USA, Inc.Tuesday 5:00 PM
BASF CorporationTuesday 5:30 PM
ChemGroup, Inc.Wednesday 8:00 AM
Metall-Chemie GmbH & Co. KGWednesday 8:30 AM
Pilot Chemical CompanyWednesday 9:00 AM
HuntsmanWednesday 9:30 AM
The Lubrizol CorporationWednesday 10:30 AM
Zschimmer & SchwarzWednesday 11:00 AM
The Lubrizol CorporationWednesday 11:30 AM
SEQENSWednesday 1:30 PM
Biosynthetic TechnologiesWednesday 2:00 PM
BrukerWednesday 2:30 PM
AMRRIWednesday 3:30 PM
ClariantWednesday 4:00 PM
Sasol Performance ChemicalsWednesday 4:30 PM
OXEA GmbHWednesday 5:00 PM